10th grader dating 7th grader

I probably would have gone out with her anyway, but if it were forbidden, we probably wouldn't have gone as far as we did. Also, you have to fudge the Creepy Rule a bit at the low end, by half a year to a year, but it holds up surprisingly well. Age 38 with age 28? Age 46 with age 28? I did something similar. We fucked in the bathroom, we were It ruined my perception of girls throughout the majority of high school and 2 years later I got accused of raping her by the police. I thought the majority of girls were selfish, which made me selfish myself.

I was too cynical to maintain that kind of friendship, and as a result I had very little friends. Plus, I just thought I was better than everyone. I treat twelve-fourteen year olds like proto-adults who aren't good at judging risk and consequences. Makes perfect sense to me. If you think that middle schoolers are innocent and try to deal with them as such, you will drive yourself insane. My 5th grade teacher knows that all too well, one time she got so frustrated she just up and left and the principal had to come teach us for the rest of the day.

At the end of the year we were told she went "back to school", but I know she got fired. Maybe she went back to school as well. I assume you have trouble in math class cause no the lowest acceptable age for an 80 year old would be My point was the equation has no upper bound so if we are looking in perspective of you 18 then dating an 80 yo is ok, while switching it around of course it is not ok by the equation. Reread what I said carefully, I said if you were the 18 year old. Also, incorrect assumption I took AP calculus last year and I am now taking discrete mathematics as part of my IB high level mass class.

Discrete mathematics is a college level course taught after calculus. I guess it's less your math skills that suck and more your ability to not be a pedantic twat and completely miss the actual point. Although I think the equation is meant to go off the oldest person in the relationship.

It's OK for you, but not for your girlfriend. So the relationship wouldn't happen anyway. It's not uncommon for people to start experiencing their first sexual encounters at 16, wich put it in another level than This relationship doesn't mean that they'll experiment sexually, and keep in mind there are people who experiment both earlier and later than others.

No, but it means they're both at different stages relationship wise. Exploring or not, a 16 years old guy has a much more developed sexuality than a 13 years old girl. I don't really think it's that weird. I dated a Junior girl my freshman year and yeah maybe a few friends made snobby jokes about it but it wasn't weird. Was actually one of the more healthy relationships I've had.

I AM 16 and in 10th grade! Would it be okay for me to date an 8th grader?

The full analysis is of course much more complicated, but I can't stay to talk about it because I have a date. This comic has been referenced times, representing 0. I also have a friend like this except he's a Junior and is about to be 17 in months Honestly though, him and his 8th grader are happy and that's all that matters I guess.

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But that doesn't stop us from roasting him everyday lol. But just let it be because if they're both happy, it doesn't really matter. I think the context of the situation makes it weirder than it actually is. Comparing grade gaps is worse than age gaps because in the "real world" a 3 year age gap is fairly common. As long as they are both smart and responsible about their relationship then it shouldnt be too bad. I mean as long as they're okay with it, live and let live. As someone who got involved with someone older than me at 13, Jesus fucking Christ.

Do you think it's weird for a 15 year old to date a 13 year old?

People thought I was mature. I thought I was mature. But literally it doesn't matter how mature you are at 13, one day we all look back and go, "I was fucking dumb. Tell him that if he really cares about her, he'll wait. Tell her that if she really cares about him, she'll wait. No matter how mature you may seem at 13, there is always crucial development and growing up that's done between , especially for girls. Next year, it'll be significantly less "creepy" I'm 20 and my boyfriend is about to turn That's even bigger than theirs.

It's a bit odd but whatever. But if you drop it back, it becomes and that's a little weird sounding. Even further and you'd get and that's terrifying. I don't think it's a big age gap. But if everyone tells him that he's a pedo and that it's creepy, then it becomes creepier. Not because of any of his actions, but because of how it's perceived. Probably because 13 is close to 12, which mean she's barely a teenager. At 16, he's halfway through his teens, and she's just getting started.

Plus it's the fact that she's in middle school. You could say "it's only 2 grades apart", but you can kinda feel whats "wrong" with that. Once you get to highschool, you should date within highschool. The only exception would be freshman to 8th grader. The only issue I really have with a seventh and fifth greater going out if that the fifth grader I'd just too young to date.

I set my arbitrary limit at middle school, so sixth grade. I see nothing wrong with a sixth and eighth grade dating, which is also two grades apart but even lower aged as well.

10th grader dating a 7th grader

I think once your girl turns 14 everyone will be okay, in the teenage years, I feel like 14 sounds much older than 13 for some reason. When I was 16 she was 14 and no one said anything, but a guy who goes to my school was 16 but had a 13 almost 14 year old girlfriend, and people were talking shit about him. But as I said, as long as you're both happy, as long as she's on the same maturity level as you like mine it's fine.

There are girls who like more experienced guys and girls who like guys the same age, our GF's are the former. This age gap debate is bullshit. I went on a date with a 13 year old as I was still 16, and her two friends hit on me had to turn them down tho. Last year when I was a freshman I got 3 7th grade girls' numbers at a band concert.

8th grader drops 9th grader

The bus ride home with my bros was hilarious. Everyone congratulated me, I just sat there taking advice from them. I like younger girls, not to be a creep but because I can see right through them. It's not me, my best friend recently began talking to my little sister and I don't really approve. Fuck the age gap, that's like breaking rule 1 of the guy code. There's no way that can end well.

Tell him to step off. To add to that, he has a bunch of bad habits excessive smoking and drinking that I don't want rubbing off on her. I've talked to both of them and they've both basically told me to fuck off. I don't want to completely nuke the friendship though, and I'm a lot bigger than him physically. Also, we're in the same band, which is adding a whole new element to the conflict. Thing is, my sister is happy for the moment, so if I do anything to break them up, I look and feel like a douche to both sides.

I get what your saying but thats your family yo and he should respect that. Telling you to fuck off means he is not your friend.

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  • Let it go for now but if he slips up dont be afraid man, you dont need "friends" like that.