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With the app, you can chat with your guests, see their RSVPs, collect photos, and send updates. First, search for Hobnob on the iOS or Android app store or click here. Once you've installed Hobnob, get started by adding details about your event and selecting a design or uploading your own. Once you're happy with your design, select your guests and send the invite by text message or email.

Your guests will start RSVPing soon after receiving their invite, and you'll be well on your way to hosting a great party!

How Hobnob Works

With Hobnob, you can choose to send your invitations by either text message or email. People who you invite via text message will receive a text message with your invitation design, your event name, and a link to your web invite. They can simply reply "Yes" to their text message, or click through to visit the web invite to get more details and RSVP. Hobnob includes diverse designs that suit many different event types, and that look stunning when sent through text message, email, or even shared on social media.

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Hobnob has a variety of invite designs that are great for inviting your friends to date nights, birthdays, BBQs, bachelorette parties, book clubs, and everything in between! While Hobnob includes many designs you'll love, sometimes you have a design of your own in mind.

With the Hobnob app, you can upload your own design to use as an invitation.

Date Night Invitation Wording

With Hobnob, any number of people can host a single event together. Whoever creates the event can add co-hosts in the same step as inviting guests. Co-Hosts can invite people to the party from their own address books, just like you can!

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The party is black ties which is mean to say is a completely formal party and please i request you not to bring any gifts along with you. I hope to get an answer from you within a couple of days and I will very happy to get your presence in the dinner party.

This is a letter being sent by the head of a society to all its members. The society has decided to hold a Christmas dinner party to celebrate along with Santa Claus.

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To make the party lively they have arranged for a fancy dress competition. The society head is urging all its members to take part in the party to make it a success. In this festive season, we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to a Christmas dinner party this coming 25 December On behalf of the members of the Green View Society, I have arranged a late night dinner party to be held inside the premises of the society itself.

The auspicious night will be spent in the company of Santa Claus.

Interview Invitation Letter Sample

We have decided to have a fancy dress competition on the eve of the party. In order to spread the spirit of goodwill and happiness we look forward to you participation.


We hope you will take part in the event to make it a great success. Letters Privacy Policy Contact Us. The foremost thing you must do is clearly stating your intentions to the guests.

The date, time and the venue must be clearly mentioned in the letter. After writing all the details you must cross check each and every thing in the invitation letter. You must also mention to the guests whether you are organizing a casual or a completely formal party. And the last of all you must ask the guest very well to attend you dinner party very gently.