Good things about dating a tall guy

Have you ever seen a movie where the male lead is shorter? Not one Disney Princess is taller than her Prince. Patiently waiting for a plus sized princess Disney!


When you see this type of couple over and over again, you just start to associate it with being the norm. If we want to see something happen, we have to do it ourselves. Go on a double date with your friends who all literally date up so they can meet your shorter guy!

  1. The #1 Secret of Short Guys Who Date & Hookup With Taller Women.
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  3. Why Are You Only Interested in Tall Men?!

In fact, you might never have needed to get clothes altered at all. So many shirts and dresses have been created to fit bodies much like yours.

Dating 101: Top 10 Reasons Girls Like Tall Guys So Much

Tall women can really pull off a ton of different styles, meaning they can be date-ready in minutes. Tall women know that shorter guys are scientifically better boyfriends. So, when people of average height haphazardly throw away the chance to date a guy slightly shorter, a tall girl will have no problem giving them a well-deserved shot.

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  • Tall women are special, even though society often tries to bring them down. Elevate your love life with practical dating advice delivered right to your inbox.


    By clicking 'Submit' you agree to Zoosk's terms of use and privacy policy. However, some guys are so overconfident that they mess everything up before it blossoms. After a girl notices your confidence, she will try to figure how your mind works through your expressions and behavior.

    Some girls would prefer flat shoes while others prefer heels. It likely depends on the occasion, but in most cases, heels fit the bill. There are girls who are a little taller, and love heels and the only way a tall lady would want to see her man shorter than her is probably from a balcony. In short, she wants a taller guy, even when wearing heels.

    Dating 101: Top 10 Reasons Girls Like Tall Guys So Much

    Nothing gives them as much joy as wearing heels and still needing their man to bend over for a kiss. A post shared by Andy Chapman fuzzylionface on Sep 25, at This is because their minds are genetically wired in a way that makes their emotions ignite when they notice these features in the opposite sex, and it has been like that for ages.

    Our ancestors preferred taller men because they believed that they were more protective and had the ability to provide for the family, unlike shorter guys who were considered powerless and unable to support a family. This is the way we have evolved, and the gene is still in modern women. New apartment, new town, new beginning A post shared by Abigail C. Gripshover acrgripshover on Oct 4, at 9: Women are attracted to power, and when a lady physically looks at a guy and notices he is tall, she automatically assumes he can carry the world on his shoulders.

    Thoughts like that build in her mind, and she imagines he holds more authority.

    The #1 Secret of Short Guys Who Date & Hookup With Taller Women

    When a guy holds a powerful position in a firm and acts as a commanding figure, he looks more attractive. Women are unable to resist powerful men, and therefore, men who are established and are powerful tend to draw more attention. One of the features that lift men up the ranks is their confidence, and you already know most confident people are tall. Women think that tall men are authoritative and that turns them on.

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    A post shared by Lily R. When short girls are with tall guys, they feel protected. He acts like a bodyguard who keeps her safe. As long as he is tall and well-built, he's a keeper.

    Taller men are naturally intimidating, and since women want to feel safe and protected, they go for them. A girl imagines having the guy with her all the time and keeping her away from the nasty glances of other men and stalkers. Women love attention, but when she gets that one man and falls for him, she desires to have his attention only.