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So whether that's through a male or a female, it doesn't matter to me. In , Hilary Duff was all about the Tinder scene. In a radio interview , the actress revealed that she's a Tinder user and was talking to nine guys at the same time. Duff's Tinder journey began on a random night with some friends who encouraged her to download to the app to experience dating outside of just "serious relationships. Given that this was before Tinder's verification time, Duff admitted that she had a hard time convincing suitors that it was actually here.

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You only have your first name. Some people don't know," she said. And a lot of people are like, 'This is a joke, right?

Mollie King's cricketer ex Stuart Broad 'caught using celebrity dating app Raya'

Like a lot of the world, Zac Efron hasn't had the best time on Tinder—primarily because nobody believed he was real. To his surprise, he didn't receive that many matches from people who were skeptical that the real Zac Efron was actually on their phone screens. In a radio interview , the singer revealed that she was a serious Tinder user, considering her on-the-go career.

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  7. Amy Schumer has been known to help fans on Tinder , but the comedian is actually big on dating apps herself. As of yet, Schumer hasn't confirmed nor denied the the rumors of her Raya usage.

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    Though, she did tweet that she's never been on Bumble. The world learned that Lindsay Lohan was on Tinder when she Instagrammed a hilarious screenshot of her matching with her brother, Mike , on the dating app. No word yet if she's ever found Tinder love, but to match with her brother must mean that she's swiped a decent amount of people.

    A megastar like Britney Spears might be the last person you'll expect to find on Tinder, but here she is.

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    The singer's account, hilariously created by Jimmy Fallon , sported a picture of her spritzing her perfume on herself and a simple bio with the phrase, "This better work, bitch. Andy Cohen has no qualms with admitting he's on Tinder. In an interview with People , the Bravo personality revealed that he's pro-dating apps as an effective way to meet singles and hook ups in the 21st century. Where am I going to meet an architect who lives in Brooklyn besides Tinder at this point? Kelly Osbourne was one of the first people to be outed, and that leak very likely introduced the world to Raya.

    Raya prides itself on exclusivity, and it's easy to understand why. There is an extensive application process for all potential members, and they apparently reject a lot of people. Then, some sort of algorithm decides who is allowed in and who is shown the door. Of course, it helps if you're referred by an existing member , too.


    Every member has at least a few thousand followers, but quantity is not the only factor used to determine membership. Raya's administrators also take into account how many existing Raya users follow the person's Instagram page, probably as a way to keep the user-base as exclusive as possible. Those who pass the Instagram test are one step closer to membership.