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Rover's Morning Glory

Jeffrey's stand up special is back on. Kim Zolciak posts pic of her dog licking her son's face after it nearly blinded him. Miss Morning Glory, Melissa, stops by the studio. Duji is planning a vacation with Rover's family. Harley-Davidson plans to debut its electric motorcycle in Recap of The Time Traveler's Wife. Duji wants to get a new car already. Les Moonves and CBS face allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Hook-Up – Rover's Morning Glory

Update on Jeffrey's broken refrigerator. Michelle calls in to give an update on her sexual reassignment surgery. Jeffrey explains The Montreal Screwjob. Woman says she murdered her husband because he bought porn. Rover thinks he may have married into the mob. Buzz Aldrin seems to admit the the moon landing didn't happen. Jeffrey's refrigerator broke down.

Dieter, Jeffrey, and Charlie head to Jeffrey's house to check on the refrigerator. Waiter made up story about 'racist' tipper. If you are dating a person when should you tell them you are trans? California city takes a stand against Facebook's free food. Bar in trouble with brewery over 'offensive' sign about 'safe space' Adam Ferrara, comedian and actor, stops by the studio.

Moe, a 21 year old server, comes in for The Hook-up. Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans pulls out a gun during road rage incident.

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Man known for taking photos of girls at a lake arrested for pepper spraying firefighter and toddler. Roverfest protester once drew a penis on a car.

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Jeffrey says he was once confronted by a guy in Taco Bell. Teacher probed for moonlighting as Nazi-themed wrestler. Georgia lawmaker to resign after using racial slurs on new Sacha Baron Cohen show. Duji doesn't care that she missed Rover's wedding. Rover has a lot of leftover Dippin' Dots at his house. Florida gunman will not be charged after killing man in parking dispute. Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty creator, fake baby rape video goes viral.

Rover's sister calls in. Color Me Badd singer Bryan Abrams arrested for attempted assault.

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  4. Dumb stops by the studio. Clean Did Rover get married? Recap of Rover's party. Clean Bert Kreischer, Dr. Dieter crashed a truck into Rolling Glory One. Ian Smith and Bert Kreischer stop by the studio. Duji is really dark after getting a spray tan. Some guy is selling fake Roverfest tickets. Guy calls in threatening to kill himself. Red Sun Rising stops by the studio. Jeffrey warns Red Sun Rising about Virgil ripping them off.

    Rover is live from the Roverfest site in Lorain. Dieter has the hots for an axe attacker. Man calls cops after being fouled in basketball game. Woman attacked by 80, bees. Connecticut teacher who had 'sex with student' may not be charged. Drunk partygoer bites off woman's nose after being asked to leave. Florida man faked his murder using a gun and a weather balloon. Brent Smith of Shinedown calls in.

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    Charlie's jet ski broke down. Rover was interrupted while having sex with B2. Nadz is having a hard time because its the anniversary of his brother's death. Chicago police release body camera footage of fatal officer-involved shooting that prompted protests.

    Rover is thinking about buying an electric lawnmower. Charlie's girlfriend keeps ruining vacuums. Duji's cat scratched her.

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    Man crashes his k sports car after one day. Elon Musk calls British diver who helped rescue Thai schoolboys pedo guy in Twitter outburst. Guy wants advice because his friend is going to marry an ugly woman. Jeffrey's son posted a video of him giving a tour of Jeffrey's tour.

    Duji is not going to Rover's party. Rover doesn't understand Duji's work process. Nick from Myrtle Beach calls in about his gender reveal. Rover tries Monster energy. Charlie covers himself in poison ivy. Duji bought some new shoes. Video surfaces of wild Pacman Jones fight in airport.

    Harland Williams, actor and comedian, stops by the studio. Julie, a 32 year old med lab scientist, comes in for the hook-up. Nadz went to a waterpark to see his mormon family. Rover explains how he was disciplined.

    Man who had metal cup removed from anus claims it was put there by muggers. Rover found a mouse in his yard. Video game Roblox showed a 7-year-old girl's avatar being raped. Jeffrey's son smashed his laptop.