Dating costume jewelry clasps

From through , the survey found no examples of screw-back earring findings on the dated Hollycraft pieces.

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If attempting to date a pair of earrings with screw-back findings, this information can be used to focus your research to before the mids. A second primary-source dating tool is the use of books about fairly-large and prolific costume jewelry manufacturing companies, where original sources have been used by the author. DeLizza, and Melinda L.

It is known that they were in business and marking jewelry with the Florenza brand beginning in the early s until the company closed in February of The author is attempting to date pieces of this jewelry to specific decades. Here is one example:.

Clue 1: Fittings and Findings for Earrings

After summarizing this information in list form, one can note that large navettes and ovals, and givre stones were popular during the years through Also during this period, the company is producing necklace, bracelet, pin and earrings sets. Combining this information and specifics mentioned in these books, the author is dating this Florenza set to circa early s.

Another category of Florenza jewelry for dating research is the selection of large charm bracelets produced by the company, such as the two pictured here click on images for larger view:. Referencing The Napier Co. Other sources confirm dating this style of Florenza charm bracelets to circa s. Advertisements and catalogs, both retail and wholesale, are great sources for determining styles and designs popular during a particular time period.

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  6. Trifari and Coro advertised extensively during the s, s and s, as did many other costume jewelry companies. A large number of vintage advertisements and catalogs are available to view online, and the following websites have extensive examples:. Researching Costume Jewelry at http: Many books also include photos of vintage advertisements and catalog pages.

    Morning Glory Antiques

    In an amazing coincidence, the jewelry and the vintage advertisement were found by the author within a three-month period, with the assistance of another CJCI member, Robin Deutsch. The three key primary dating tools, patents and copyrights, books about specific companies, and period advertisements, can be used as an initial step when researching a particular piece of jewelry. Once primary sources are exhausted, many well-regarded books are great secondary tools for dating. Tongue and groove catch circa s.

    Tongue and groove catch still being used in the s.

    This uses the patent shown at the right. Often seen on s Victorian lockets and collars.

    Tools for Dating Vintage Costume Jewelry

    These were larger than the later spring rings. The wire would be inserted from the back of the ear and fastened at the front in this style. View Smoky quartz earrings showing the findings. Vintage jewelry findings of the 50s, including safety catches, pin stems and joints, ear wires, earrings findings and nuts. Vintage jewelry findings including keyless padlocks, sister hooks, clutches and necklace clasps.

    Exclusively Wholesale, Edition Vintage jewelry findings including snap catches for neck clasps and bracelets. CORO Duette large blue faux star sapphire and clear rhinestones marked with patn. Marked on the back with the letters "EB? Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. Exclusively Wholesale , Edition. Vintage jewelry findings of the 50s, including safety catches, pin stems and joints, ear wires and nuts.

    Vintage s jewelry findings including snap catches for neck clasps and bracelets, necklace and bracelet clasps. RODDIN Catalogue, earrings Roman and bright finish, polished ornaments, engraved tops, onyx, gold wires and engraved real stone settings. The ends of the original ear wires can be seen at the top of each earring.

    Exclusively Wholesale, Edition. Vintage jewelry findings including snap catches for neck clasps and bracelets. Safety back device for ear ornaments, No. Screw back and clip earring clip In the 's, as a result of complaints that the other style was too uncomfortable, Haskell changed to the use of the "screw back-clip" earrings. Combination contemporary clip-back and pierced earring combination for extra security, sometimes called a "French clip". THis aprticular set of earrinsg is from the s.

    Cartier patented a mechanism for double brooches in about , and Coro patented theirs in about