Are there fake profiles on dating sites

However, even on sale Match's membership is rather pricey so it is possible many of the profiles are free users who can't receive any message you send or the person abandoned the profile because they weren't getting attention. Match definitely needs to make paid users stand out so you at least know you are writing to someone who can respond.

I'm quite picky about who I am looking for, so there were only 30 people in a 50 mile radius who met my criteria. The automated matching is rather annoying since they use machine learning to choose who to show to you and they can't seem to get the idea that I am picky about what I want. The automated matches frequently have flaws that make them undatable for me such as extreme distance or outside my age window.

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However, the kinds of people I most want to date seem to be on Match which is the reason I keep letting them manipulate me. Since I am on multiple dating sites, I can often see the same profiles on multiple sites, but those tend to be the users who are most serious about meeting and responding to messages. Like all dating sites, there is a huge asymmetry between the experience of men and women. Guys must have fairly detailed profiles that can invite conversation, but women often have very short and generic profiles where guys literally have to write messages asking about the most basic of details.

Not having to worry about obscene content is nice and I get that Match is providing a service that I'd be happy to pay for if it worked. Fortunately Match offers a free 6 month extension after meeting some basic requirements showing you are putting forth a good faith effort.

How To Spot Fake Dating Profiles - How to Tell Fake Profiles on Dating Sites

Both times I subscribed, I was lured into doubling my subscription cost in order to allow anyone I message the ability to respond. I don't particularly like that business model, but the online dating world is a cost sensitive market so it is understandable if the feature performed as advertised.

The problem is that free users seem to be able to read only one message and send only one response even after paying for this feature, so you'd better include alternate contact information in the first message and risk setting red flags.

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Also, I suspect this feature is not applied retroactively so any messages you sent prior to subscribing to the reply for free feature will still require the user to pay. Match should also implement a three button assessment system so people don't have to think of their own rejection messages continue, maybe later, and definitely not.

This company is providing outdated profiles of people who no longer are active. I know this from experience I have sent over interest emails to ladies over a short period of time. It is totally inconceivable that I would only receive 2 back. I am a successful, attractive man in my 50's who has visited other dating sites in the past, with 10 times higher response rate.

I also have other friends who are experiencing the same. Most of these profiles of women are not active, there is no other explanation. I would caution anyone interested in subscribing to not. The company should be slammed with a class-action lawsuit with fraud and misleading information. It's only free to sign up, but if you sign up, they preload matches for you, so they can take your money. You have been warned.

What is a scammer

If you don't believe me, just pay attention on your matches, they won't change. Zero dates or matches in a month compared to many matches and dates on free sites like POF. Only real people they have is 60 - 80 year old dirty grandpas Is this Sex Trafficking Site and Match Douchebags think I am their property and they are selling me to their 80 year old patrons?

There is a reason why Match. My first and only experience with online dating began last September 2, I called again to verify that my comments were noted on my account and this time, instead reaching their call center in Costa Rica, someone at the Match headquarters in Texas answered. I asked that my account be viewed so I knew my previous remarks were recorded. The female employee told me yes my comments were recorded and that the scammer's account had been deactivated on September 29, Asking for money is a violation of Match's user agreement and such violations supposedly have zero tolerance according to Match.

This deactivation occurred in September , yet Match. An easy email 'blast' to those members who crossed paths with this scammer would have been the right thing to do. Match failed to be proactive for business reasons and to avoid anything that is contrary to their platform. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. Out of , maybe 1 is a real profile. Even had a 2-month 'relationship' with someone who eventually asked for US to buy a part for oil rig.

Match auto renewed after 6 months to which I was not aware. Tried to contact via email to Singapore office, link has error. No means of reaching them. US customer service said it is an international account - can't help me. No refund, no dates What a waste of time and money.

1. Are They From Another Country, Particularly Nigeria?

When I tried to cancel my subscription they said they needed my drivers license and banking information then they accessed my Amazon account and tried to bill my credit card. They also had access to my Gmail account and said they are trying to protect my privacy through the internet and they needed this information. Do not use this website as my experience was horrible. I had to cancel all my banking and all my Hotmail accounts and other information they had access to.

These dating sites are all fake, as are the hookup sites. They either want your phone number, or to get you to go to a paid site, or a verification scam. I once looked at starting an honest site. I looked at software and the companies were advertising that it comes with so many thousands of fake profiles. I joined a few days ago for a three month subscription. I was able to immediately sign on and review my matches after I paid.

The next day my email and password were not recognized.

I called Match and they said they had no record of me even though I have a PayPal receipt. Clearly I am disputing my payment.

4 Ways To Spot A Fake Online Dating Profile

Many guys on this site are obviously fake profiles. No one responds, because who know who's even subscribed? Also, if you are an international traveler, don't count on being able to use this site outside of the United States. Your subscription only seems to work in the country of origin. I had an awful experience on Match dating site last year I reported it to Match but they told me that they take my case is seriously. They know we cannot do anything because of their policies. Many fake profiles and scammers active on Match dating websites that many users do not know.

After six months it was automatically renewed without any notification. Federal Trade Commission needs to investigate Match. BBB please help victims to find a better way to sue Match.

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It will continue to hurt many users. This information may not be able to help those of you who have already been stung, but it may provide some helpful information to someone. My experience with Match. Even 10 years ago, I believe most users were able to tell which profiles were stale or no longer actually in effect. We all navigated through to find the real people, and had good success. Easily recognizable when there are questions you did not have the opportunity to answer, or a layout that is different from your own. I had a long, in-depth summary coupled with at least a dozen good quality photographs.

I corresponded with two or three women who seemed genuinely interested, although they were not actually in my immediate area.