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This app is made up of young, vapid gay guys who are sooo over Grindr. In order to be a member, you have to send or submit what you can offer to the club, and be voted by three members in order to make the cut.

"I Used A Dating Site Once. NEVER AGAIN" [NoSleep] (X-MAS SPECIAL 2016)

Just so you know, 8 out of 10 gays get rejected membership. The Yukon is a Canadian territory known for its mountainous regions that are perfect for different kinds of adventure.

They are a resilient species that tends to appear a year after a forest fire. Simon Hayter Forest fires in Yukon are usually left alone because the territory has a very low population.

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So long as no one is at risk of being caught in a wildfire, the government lets the fire burn out by itself. The government also supports mushroom picking in the Yukon by providing mushroom hunters a detailed map of forests that had been charred Most of us admire attractive men and women who honestly don't care about how they look. It's a quality that makes them even more appealing. But have you ever heard of someone who thinks that she's too pretty that the beauty she possesses has become more like a burden?

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And when she wrote an essay about it, the netizens were less than sympathetic. Felicia Czochanski, 20, wrote an article for Cosmopolitan magazine where she expressed her frustration about not being respected for who she is as a person. Today is the day Leonardo DiCaprio finally won a much-deserved Oscar, and the internet is rejoicing along with him.

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While the the man of the hour was giving an Oscar-worthy acceptance speech before a standing ovation crowd at the Dolby Theatre, social media totally erupted with all sorts of congratulations for the much-loved star. Tweets, posts, and memes about Leo came out left and right, ranging from heart-warming to downright hilarious. Watch this epic Leo-Oscar-Winning-Reaction video: Subscribe so you won't miss anything!

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Like Us On Facebook. There are numerous ways to start a conversation, from simply saying hello to offering a casual 'sup. But one man decided to take a very different approach when he matched with a lady on Tinder - and it's fair to say it worked pretty well. A woman named Amelia has taken to Reddit to share the 'unique' conversation she had with a man on the app.

As you now might have guessed, the topic of the conversation revolved around a duck, and it quickly transformed into a type of 'choose your own adventure' game. The first message Amelia received simply read: Which way does he go. The conversation continues in this way, with Amelia directing the duck through the forest, over bridges and into abandoned houses.

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Eventually the duck finds itself in a home, where on a desk, there is a note which reads "Amelia's number". Amelia's subsequent reply is blacked out - which suggests his game worked and she did give him her number. People on Reddit absolutely loved the conversation, with it gaining over 6, up votes. By Courtney Pochin Audience Writer. Man comes up with unique way to get woman's phone number stock photo Image: Blend Images Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters.

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