Dating very good looking guy

So, this is my take. I was dating this fitness guru. Winner of national level bodybuilding titles for 4 years running, represented the country in some martial art championships before that. Extremely good looking and in his late 20s. Now, I am an investment banker. I was in my mid thirties with a marriage gone bad and all my life I had dated only nerds and geeks that had weird pent up sexual fantasies. As for us, we split up when he had to move.

We still keep in touch. He is still hot ass hell and I still skip a beat when I look at him.

The Cons of Dating a Hot Guy

I am currently dating a very charming man- 6 feet, 2 inches, well-built and athletic. Very attractive by any standards both aesthetically and professionally. You better check their character first and foremost. I dated this guy who was really handsome. He was tall, blond, built, smart, fun, funny, you name it. He was a quarterback for his college team. He was and still is popular with his college and high school friends.

He had married his high school girlfriend when he was 18 and had divorced her two years before we started dating. We met at a happy hour. I was with four other women who were certainly much more beautiful and successful than me. He was sitting at the table next to us. One of my friends leaned over and invited him to join us. He was polite and friendly to all of us but he kept turning the conversation back to me. At the end, he asked for my phone number and the other four women gave him their phone numbers unprompted. He pursued me hard for about a year.

Why Successful, Good-Looking Guys Suck at Learning Game

I met him for drinks once in a while, played golf and tennis with him but never really accepted a date with him. One day, I gave in and we started dating. When we went out to dinner, people hit on him. The women from the table next to us would come up to the table and start flirting. Other men would come up to him to just start talking to him.

I felt invisible to everyone - except him.

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Because he had such good character, he never took his focus off of me. He was polite but not friendly to all of those people who came up to talk to him. Women would aggressively try to get to him - he was never phased in my presence. I never said anything about it. I never acknowledged it.

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  • The Pros and Cons of Dating a Hot as Hell Guy!.
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All of that is about his character and his intelligence. Or maybe somewhere along the way he learned empathy for the women in his life. He was not unaware of his looks. It was a really great experience. We never dated seriously and we ended up stopping because he felt he had some wild seeds to sow for a while. But, man, he looked good walking around the house naked!

They think they have to look like a GQ model to be considered traditionally attractive to women. Women know that some men like blondes, brunettes, some like big butts, others like slender women or tall women etc… there is a guy for almost every body type and look except for extreme weight and extreme body modifications.

Even for that there are men with specific fetishes. Women are more aloof and standoffish etc when they interact or even flirt with men, for fear of coming off as too forward. So a lot of men basically never get compliments or validation for their looks from anyone. I think a lot of men silently deal with body dysphoria, poor body image, insecurities about height, build and hair loss. There are some douchy guys, the types who stare at themselves in the mirror at the gym while they lift weights and grunt.

Men who lift weights and put a lot of time and effort into their grooming are the male equivalent of women who wear a lot of makeup, always have manicured nails, hair extensions, take great care of their body, etc. This goes for both men and women. While this hasn't been strictly true, I understand her humorous sentiment. But it certainly could be said that it gives them more opportunities.

What I didn't realize about dating someone attractive, is how it would feel when we went out in public together. I was certainly not the pretty one in our relationship. The sheer amount of attention that an attractive guy generates can be overwhelming. He was stopped in the street. Ogled while we were pulled up at stoplights. Old ladies cooed at him, young girls flirted, men approached him when I was in the bathroom.

The Pros of Dating a Hot Guy

And my mother was wrong about this one. He was NOT a hard dog to keep on the porch. Any attention they reaped was just another opportunity to misbehave. And this is an actual text between her and I.

Too hot to date: Is online dating harder for good-looking men?

Of course, my reply is in blue. I obviously have more background on this particular case. Many guys, if given the opportunity, would be with as many women as they could squeeze in the day. So the attractive dudes who know how to get women actually have the opportunities to make this happen. Some use this all day to get favor, which they come upon easily. So they flirt with the hostess to skip the line for a table, or they smile that dazzling smile and the waitress melts into a pile of mush.

I have been so annoyed at this, I mean it is sooo rude. I have been with some very gracious guys that get loads of compliments and always say thank you and are quite polite and thoughtful about it.

Why Successful, Good-Looking Guys Suck at Learning Game | Todd V Dating

But they also get annoyed by not being considered for the rest of their talents and gifts. Or for their personality. Or that they are assumed to be ladies men. I have a friend that is super attractive and he did attempt to date me when we were younger. And despite it being in jest, I guess I did kind of mean it. Women will blatantly disrespect you. Ideally how he handles himself in these situations is what helps, but it still can be aggravating.

Despite them often being awarded this genetic lottery and not asking for it, they get used to it, it becomes a part of their identity and they really have a similar reaction to women when it starts to fade. That some other women will make it their personal mission to try to steal him away.

My fiance is gorgeous.