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Let us know how you get on. On my pregnancy was my first too , i started to show around 8 weeks, by weeks i was in full maternity clothes. Apparently the placenta has a pluse which is slower than the heartbeat, maybe this could be it? I had a scan for my twins at 9 weeks. The minute they put the scan on they can see the two heartbeats loud and clear. If you are concerned ask for another scan as it would be very hard to pick them up on a doppler actually the doppler never could find the heartbeat of my Twin 2 for some reason so I was scanned at every visit.

BTW I am a twin and my mum knew it was twins as she could feel two heads at 29 weeks, nobody believed her till she went in to H Street for an xray yes xray and there we were. My sister was hiding behind me but hey that was 34 years ago and I think technology has changed a teeny bit[: You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

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Experience: I didn't know I was having twins

If this is OK, tick the consent box below. Otherwise we will have to keep prompting you with this message. What do you say? But, I'm wondering how common is it that a twin is missed at 7 weeks but is really there? I'm not planning on having a 12 week ultrasound and I never had hcg levels so they can't help here. It's still 10 days til I see the obstetrician.

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I'd be quite happy to have twins, but it would change my work plans for this year and next year considerably. A friend of mine had twins 3yrs ago, she found out whilst in labour she was having twins I know someone who found out at the 20 week ultrasound so it can be missed for sure!

Oh Mim I DO hope they did miss one. I SO want you to have twins Sorry - not much help, I know. My twins were missed at 6 weeks. You can often have a bubba hiding behind the other. I have a theory we may have a hiding one in there.

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If my dating scan was right, I got a really dark bfp at 10dpo and my hcg was 4 times what it should have been at 4 weeks. Either they didn't measure the baby right at the scan or there is another one hiding, can't think of any other explanation. M y pregnancy was developing nicely.


I didn't have any blood tests, scans or measurements, not even the week scan. I have always preferred to find my own path in life, and felt comfortable doing this.

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My family hated it — they wanted the reassurance of the professionals — but as far as I was concerned, I had produced one healthy baby, so I would produce another. My body didn't need help.

Then there was the party in my belly that started whenever music was played. I went into labour six weeks early — which is common with twins — and as I laboured in my flat, I realised it wasn't progressing like the birth of my son. His had been four hours of alternating agony and ecstasy, whereas this was just grinding pain that dragged on for the whole day.