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He turned 80 recently , but he says if he had settled down, he would have had plenty of children. Although he might not be on the site dating, he says he will make regular contributions. I like to keep on top of things. When asked if there are certain types of people who visit his site that should be careful because they might not make a good match, Kreskin had a warning for people who believe they may have been visited by aliens.

So one could be a contradiction to the other and it could cause a conflict. This is part of the excitement of life. But sometimes, I would maybe give them a warning. I am not quite sure what he meant there, but perhaps someone who has had an alien experience would. Either way, his dating site is reasonably priced. I went on the site to see if there are people registered yet, and there seem to be quite a few.

Although, some of the users I suspected are not real and seeded there to get things started.

The First Alien-Abduction Account Described a Medical Exam with a Crude Pregnancy Test

Either she works really fast, or her profile is meant to inspire supernatural daters, or both. Incidentally, my profile was rejected. It could be because I listed myself as a writer who was just checking out the site, or there could be some larger conspiracy afoot.

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Fortunately, I am spoken for. Injections also seem to be rare and are almost completely absent. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. A key claim by many abduction researchers is that abductions involve some form of genetic agenda.

Alien abductee dating site

Our Sources area in this document also provides links to their pages listing Reptilian and Amphibian humanoids throughout Human history, the Dagon as well as ufologically related links to similar beings. Archived from PDF on Things like, other people can see my messages I send to them. Stranges met Thor and got to know him. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Here is food for thought though. Old Jewish texts make many references to other life forms in the universe.

There are also Old Testament verses, one in Ezekiel for instance, where he was apparently describing some kind of UFO.

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There are others who say the UFOs are not aliens but rather time travellers from the future. Personally I think its possible other higher life forms exist but don't know about the abductions part. Only the aliens were purple and if he didn't take the right pills they could control his mind. Being me I asked what the aliens wanted him to do and where he got his magic pills from. His aliens only wanted the furniture in rooms nailed to the ceiling and you got the pills from the mental clinic.

After the so-called medical exam, the alleged abductees often report other procedures being performed with the entities. Abductees of all ages and genders sometimes report being subjected to a "child presentation. Bullard could not identify a child presentation phase in the abduction narrative, even after undertaking a study of abduction reports. Bullard also studied the reports of alien abduction in an attempt to observe the less prominent aspects of the claims.

These four types of events are: Chronologically within abduction reports these rarer episodes tend to happen in the order listed, between the medical examination and the return. After allegedly displaying cold callous disregard towards the abduction experiencers, sometimes the entities will change drastically in behavior once the initial medical exam is completed. An interrogation session, explanatory segment, task assignment, warnings, and prophecies.

Tours of the abductors' craft are a rare but recurring feature of the abduction narrative. Eventually the abductors will return the abductees, usually to exactly the same location and circumstances they were in before being taken. Sometimes the alleged abductors appear to make mistakes when returning their captives. Physician and abduction researcher John G.

Miller sees significance in the reason a person would come to see themselves as being a victim of the abduction phenomenon. Most people alleging alien abductions report invasive examinations of their bodies [36] and some ascribe psychological trauma to their experiences. People who believe they have been abducted by aliens usually have previous New Age beliefs, a vivid fantasy life, and suffer from sleep paralysis , according to a study by Harvard University.

Support groups for people who believed they were abducted began appearing in the mids. These groups appear throughout the United States , Canada and Australia. Many alien abductees recall much of their abduction s through hypnosis. Alleged abductees seek out hypnotherapists to try to resolve issues such as missing time or unexplained physical symptoms such as muscle pain or headaches. This usually involves two phases, an information gathering stage, in which the hypnotherapist asks about unexplained illnesses or unusual phenomena during the patients lives caused by or distortions of the alleged abduction , followed by hypnosis and guided imagery to facilitate recall.

The information gathering enhances the likelihood that the events discussed will be incorporated into later abduction "memories". Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack counters this argument, noting "It might be useful to restate that a large proportion of the material relating to abductions is recalled without the use of an altered state of consciousness, and that many abduction reporters appear to relive powerful experiences after only the most minimal relaxation exercise, hardly justifying the word hypnosis at all.

m Praying mantislike entity that many of greater awareness of Man from man took alien abductee.

The relaxation exercise is useful to relieve the experiencer's need to attend to the social demands and other stimuli of face-to-face conversation, and to relieve the energies involved in repressing memories and emotion. There have been a variety of explanations offered for abduction phenomena, ranging from sharply skeptical appraisals, to uncritical acceptance of all abductee claims, to the demonological, to everything in between. Some have elected not to try explaining things, instead noting similarities to other phenomena, or simply documenting the development of the alien abduction phenomenon.

Others are intrigued by the entire phenomenon, but hesitate in making any definitive conclusions. The late Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack concluded, "The furthest you can go at this point is to say there's an authentic mystery here. And that is, I think, as far as anyone ought to go. Putting aside the question of whether abduction reports are literally and objectively "real", literature professor Terry Matheson argues that their popularity and their intriguing appeal are easily understood. Tales of abduction "are intrinsically absorbing; it is hard to imagine a more vivid description of human powerlessness.

But as the abduction myth has stated almost from the outset, there is no avoiding alien abductors. Matheson writes that when compared to the earlier contactee reports, abduction accounts are distinguished by their "relative sophistication and subtlety, which enabled them to enjoy an immediately more favorable reception from the public.

Some writers [46] [47] have said abduction experiences bear similarities to preth century accounts of demonic manifestations, noting as many as a dozen similarities. Seraphim Rose , who devotes a whole chapter in his book Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future [49] to the phenomena of UFOs and abductions, which, he concludes, are manifestations of the demonic. Abduction researcher Brian Thompson claims that a nurse acquaintance of his reported that during in Cincinnati she encountered a 3-foot-tall 0. While some corroborated accounts seem to support the literal reality of the abduction experience, others seem to support a psychological explanation for the phenomenon's origins.

Jenny Randles and Keith Basterfield both noted at the MIT alien abduction conference that of the five cases they knew of where an abduction researcher was present at the onset of an abduction experience, the experiencer "didn't physically go anywhere. Brazilian researcher Gilda Moura reported on a similar case, the Sueli case, from her home country.

When psychologist and UFO researcher Don Donderi said that these cases were "evidence of psychological processes" that did not "have anything to do with a physical alien abduction," Moura replied "If the Sueli case is not an abduction, I don't know what is an abduction any more. It has been argued that if actual "flesh and blood" aliens are abducting humans, there should be some hard evidence that this is occurring. One procedure reported occurring during the alleged exam phase of the experience is the insertion of a long needle-like contraption into a woman's navel.

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