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First story let me know how it is.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Will update when I can because I come up a specific day so let's get started! You can request any characters you want added, this is mainly for fun so it might have slow updates: P So far the anime I plan on writing some characters in for are: Which Black Butler guy would you be the most compatible with, and possibly even date?

Same as the rest of em. Sebastian and Ciel are working on their latest case when they suddenly find themselves on a boat to Long Island.

Black Butler Boyfriend Long Results

Find out your would-be Black Butler boyfriend! Get close to others and destroy them. Anything where someone loves me. Anything that doesn't require much effort. Wants only the best.

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Annoying and an attention hog. I can't stay away from you!

Which Black Butler Character Would Date You?

I will love you forever. I want only you! If you were to get a gift from your boyfriend, what would you want? A beautiful bridge overlooking the sea. To a place that is unknown. To a Candle light dinner in a beautiful field of flowers. Rough, intense and messy Rawr, frenchy. Get married, have children and hopefully have a happily ever after Have a successful relationship and end up in bed all night I am sorry to hear that Not to change the subject or anything but, have you seen that handsome butler of yours around anywhere?

If you kidnapped someone, how would you keep them trapped?

Sorry, it's just he's so Sorry about your lame life, but I'm not interested.. You are spending the night at the Trancy Manor. You are preparing to go to sleep in the guest room, when suddenly Alois walks in with a grin on his face. What game could we possibly play at this hour of night? I do not have time for foolish games. Leave, I want my privacy Alois: Prince Soma offers you some curry.

Black Butler Boyfriend Long Results - Quiz

You are highly allergic but you have a huge crush on him. He made a whole bunch just for you.

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What do you say? I don't like curry, sorry. Okay so this was my first quiz I hope it wasn't too awful You had spent hours on planting many flowers in the grand garden to impress Ciel. But, when you return from getting a glass of milk, you find that Finny had pulled out every single one of your plants searching for a mouse.

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What is your reaction? I am sorry, I can help you put them back? Okay so I lied You meet with Grell. She wants to reap some souls with you. When you are with her you, run into Sebastian Unlikely, I love Grell!!!