Can you hook up house speakers to a car

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  • How to Use Home Speakers for Car Surround Sound.
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Pretty much I don't want to run an amp or anything but i'm going to be using a watt kenwood Subwoofer 8 Inch in the back of the trunk and just hook it up from the speaker wire that's already there from the stock speakers and hopefully that will work.. I mean this sub is very old and only can run watts which I think is perfect.

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Now the sub doesn't run from a wall outlet, It use to just run straight to the receiver by speaker wire.. Now what i'm wanting to know is the speaker wire on the stock speakers in my car can I use those wires to hook up straight to my sub in the red and black Positive and negative or does it have to be hooked straight up to the actual cone meaning I would have to take it out of the box? And also the car is a montecarlo made in like I think or something like that so i'm pretty sure the receiver won't put out much power but maybe enough for better sound then what I'm getting with the stock subs..

May 21, 9: Since the speaker sounds passive does not have its own amp. Yes you can connect it right upto the card amplifier.

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  • Can i hook up home speakers in my car??
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You do NOT have to open it, inside it just has a short wire from those press clips to the speaker. Open the trunk and disconnect one pair of speaker wires from the existing automotive speakers. Note which wire is positive and negative when removing these wires.

Can i hook up home speakers in my car?

Look at the home speaker. Notice the type of connection that it has. If the home speaker still has speaker wire attached to it, then simply connect the positive home speaker wire to the positive automobile speaker wire. Then connect the negative home speaker wire to the negative automobile speaker wire. Repeat this process for each home speaker added.

DIY - How to Make a Home Stereo from a Car Stereo

Here you will find the information needed to install them in your vehicle. All of the speakers that come with the vehicle stock are installed into openings that are built in at the factory. Sometimes these speaker openings are only openings in the interior trim of the vehicle, but many times, the openings are also built into the underlying metal body.

Running sub in car [Solved] - Home Theatre - Audio

While it is pretty easy to create an opening for a speaker in the trim, it is not in the metal body of the vehicle. You can build simple, inexpensive boxes out of scrap wood, plywood, or plexiglass to house speakers that won't or shouldn't fit in the vehicle. Many people choose to cover the box with a matching carpet material to tie it in even more with the interior of the vehicle.

While not necessary, if you are adding speakers to the existing system, an amplifier will ensure that you get proper power to all components and give you greater control over the sound of the entire system once it is done.