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Plus-size or overweight coupled received an average rating of But couples where one partner was overweight and one was not received much lower scores: Researchers on the study tried to analyze why people view mixed-weight couples unfavorably compared to couples in the same BMI range.

What do they have against it, exactly? One theory was that, hey, maybe people are just generally against couples who look different yes, even today in the 21st century.

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TL;DR — Bigger people aren't as deserving of love as smaller people, and anyone smaller who dates a plus-size or overweight person is selling themselves short. Owen Stupka, 36, from Raleigh, North Carolina, agreed wholeheartedly that there's a lot of judgement on couples of mixed sizes. But when someone is talking to your girlfriend, trying to get her to ditch you because they think you're a loser because of your size?

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Believe me — I see them all the time. So what can you do to make your dating life better?

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Here are a few dating tips for guys. First, realize that women like all types.

Ugly girl dating hot guy

So stop beating yourself up and realize that there are women who are going to like your body how it is. Working on that is going to help you pull women. Being funny, challenging women and knowing how to engage in witty sexual banter are great ways to attract women no matter what you look like. You can read our Banter Cheat Sheet if you need a little help here.

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While guys like how a woman looks and then find things they like about her personality, women are much more likely to find a man attractive because of his personality. I urge all men to hit the gym and offer it as one of the dating tips for guys of all sizes.

Fewer things are sexier than that. Every day that you go to the gym, pat yourself on the back. Every time that you push yourself, pat yourself on the back. Every time that you meet one of your fitness goals, pat yourself on the back.