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I don't have a sister I am the sister but it would be a bit weird if my friends wanted to date my brother since he's still in high school and they're all graduating college. I also wouldn't date any of my brother's friends for the same reason as above. If there wasn't the age gap issue then I wouldn't care in either situation.

I think it would be kind of weird seeming as my sister is like 25 and all of my friends are 19ish And it's my sister My sisters and I are between six and twenty years apart, that would just be creepy No, my friends are pricks! And theres nothing weirder than someone exactly like you dating your sister.

How to Ask Your Friend's Sister on a Date

Why would my friends want to date her?! She is for lack of a better term a bitch. Well, I've known him since high school Though they've only been going out about a year now. Depends on the person in question. Best friends and close friends get an almost immediate 'yes' because I'd know them well enough to realize they'd be a good influence in her life. I'd probably do 'something' if I knew the person in question to be a complete jackass, though. Getting to know him better is a possibility. If they can find my sister, good on them I say - she doesn't exist, as far as I'm aware, but anyone who has the skill to get around that barrier can have her I say.

I have no right to control her life.

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The most I can do if I disagree with the relationship is voice my disagreement once to her then pretend like everything's fine and dandy. A good friend sure, but there are some people that I consider little more then good acquaintances that other might call friends. I also have a couple of friends that make horrible relationship decisions, that part of their life has no effect on me so it never bothers me, but I wouldn't trust them to give the respect I would feel is due of a family member. Would I throw a fit if my sister decided to date a friend? No way, I might tell her about what I thought of them in a relationship but it is up to her to heed my counsel or not.

I don't control her life. The inevitable break up would be a sure fire way to lose a friend however as there is little to no chance of me taking a friends side over my sisters. Yes,because the only sister I have is a Russian step sister who I'm pretty sure hates me and is older than me. Latest Videos Reviews Everything. Would you let your friend date your sister?

Is this good or bad? If your sister has a boyfriend and it's one of your friends, that's great. Two people that can make their own decisions I have no say in the matter. Does the sister not get a call in all this? She's smart--really smart--and her wicked gaze cuts through all the charm I've tried slinging her way.

She's not interested in games, my gifts, or my stories. She might want me too; but she's not giving in that easy Kindle Edition , 1st Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. She holds it; she has it all to herself. I just love me a good romcom by one of my favorite authors, Meghan Quinn.

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Her humor has me rolling on the floor with a stomach ache from laughing so hard. This story had plenty of laughs, heartbreaking angst, and crazy good love! Bram Scott is a book boyfriend who will make many a reader swoon. I found it impossible not to fall in love with his character. Julia, however, was an extremely frustrating character. It took me a very long time to warm up to her character. Her stubbornness had me wanting to throw my iPad against the wall a few times.

But Bram is a pretty amazing Hero and when things started to take off between them, my frustration started to diminish, however, if you are a true romance fan, then you know that the happy floating on a cloud times are usually temporary and something ultimately will come along to put the couple's love for each other to the test.

Thankfully, Meghan knew what she had to do to make me happy!! Here are my overall ratings: I predict we are in for another superb series by the amazing Meghan Quinn!! View all 14 comments. Dec 22, Natalie The Biblioholic rated it really liked it Shelves: I always know that when I pick up a book by Meghan Quinn that I'm guaranteed some rib busting laughs and tons of swoon-worthy moments. This story did not disappoint! It was sweet and charming and the characters were so endearing and relatable that it was impossible to avoid loving it.

In all honesty, there was really only one character I couldn't stand - Julia. She was entirely too hard to stomach and I had to grit my teeth just to get through her chapters. She reminded me of an ostrich with its I always know that when I pick up a book by Meghan Quinn that I'm guaranteed some rib busting laughs and tons of swoon-worthy moments. She reminded me of an ostrich with its head in the sand. How can you go through life, in this day and age, and not have a clue to reality? Your entire love life hinges on a color?

I get that it was her life's work, but c'mon! If I had a dude giving me his ALL the way this one did, I would not be throwing up road blocks and creating obstacles. That being said, all four stars go to Bram. He was absolutely incredible. The epitome of what a hero should be. Intelligent, successful, attractive, hilarious, down to Earth, humble, kind, sensitive, loyal, honorable, sweet, considerate, patient, understanding, etc. So yeah, MQ created a story that was very easy to get behind and a hero that I wish was real. Meghan Quinn is one of my most favorite authors, her new book, The Secret to Dating Your Best Friends Sister, is a fun, sweet read you will not want to miss.

I fell in love with Bram and Julia. I wanted so badly for them to find their HEA, I read this one slowly, It was over the holidays, so my reading was here and there but by the end, I was left with a big ole smile on my face. Did it fall off from blue balls? Did your dick fall off last night? View all 13 comments. Bram Scott has been in love with Julia Westin for ten years but has been waiting for the perfect moment to make her his.

With a bullet-proof plan up his sleeve, he believes he's going to capture her heart in three easy steps. Little does he know, her heart is a hell of a lot harder to capture then he expected. Both characters were so lovable that I couldn't get enough of them.

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I adored Bram and Julia and I loved their relationship. Bram and Julia have known each other from college. Julia's brother is Bram's best friend. Bram always has a thing for Julia. There is a lot of humour and sweet moments between these two. It was a fast paced,sweet and fun story. If you are looking for a light and heartwarming romance this is perfect. Dec 19, Elle's Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: January 3, Genre: Romantic Comedy This book is now live!!! You can read for free with kindle unlimited!!! D This book is a true gem among the stones.

I loved it to pieces Meghan Quinn has a way of adding sparkle to every single book she writes. This is exactly why she is my go to author. Whether I am looking for a book that will make me laugh or one that will pull at my heartstrings I always know I can find it within her novels.

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In her latest book she brought me feelings Release Date: In her latest book she brought me feelings of joy and excitement. I loved reading about Bram's journey to finding love with his best friends sister and the way he goes about the process. I say process because the woman he has been pining over since college is also a PHD holder and a dating expert.

How cool is that? If you're looking for a swoony, lighthearted, and humor filled novel this is a must read for your TBR. I think many readers are going to fall head over heels for Jules and Bram while also secretly hoping that a few secondary characters get their own story too. I am going to leave my review short and sweet because I don't want to ruin the plot for those who plan on reading it. In fact, the book can be easily loved by going in blind. It's always fun to go into a book knowing nothing about it but falling in love anyway.

I will say though that it is a fantastic novel of somewhat forbidden love best friend's sister that has it's sexy moments! So make sure to grab a copy. I've discovered four things: Know that love is worth fighting for, because when your heart beats to the same rhythm, that's where true wealth is found. Jan 03, Penny Reid marked it as to-read.

Jan 03, Tina rated it did not like it Shelves: Does anybody know if this one is safe?