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Many Colombian newlyweds also light a unity candle from two individual candles. Godparents are often chosen for each spouse and these Godparents take on a significant role in the newly married couple's lives. Civil ceremonies are becoming more common, but the Catholic Church is such an important aspect of the culture many weddings still take place in a church although it can be very expensive.

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Your Guide to Colombia: However, the celebration truly beings at the reception and dance after the formal ceremony. One interesting tradition during the reception is that every single person is supposed to put one shoe under the dress of the bride most dresses have ample space and the groom pulls one shoe out, indicating the next person to marry.

After marriage, in many households the man is expected to be the head of the house as his role is to financially support the family, protect the family, and make all important decisions. In many houses the woman is the primarily caregiver and maintains the house; today both of these roles are often the case, but not as much so as it was in the past. Women now take on greater roles in the family or work, giving the family dynamic in Colombia a number of variations.

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With their medium-dark looks and healthy lifestyles, Colombians tend to look sultry. Socioeconomically, Colombians live in a market economy with different classes, often correlating with ethnic group, from the very wealthy to the very poor, along with drug traffickers who have risen rapidly from the bottom to the top and cross socioeconomic boundaries.

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Colombians reflect the mix of inheritances, from Europeans and Africans and Amerindians. There is also a very small Roma gypsy population. The northwest attracts a large number of Europeans, while the southwest has a higher proportion of Africans, and the less populous inland area holds Amerindians. Nowadays many people from Venezuela and Middle-Eastern countries move to Colombia for improved personal and professional opportunities.

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Colombians appear Hispanic although generally with more European features compared to for example Mexicans. In addition to the Spanish influence, immigrants from many northern European countries have shaped the people. Guys Colombian guys tend to have balanced looks, with tan skin, rich dark hair, and taller builds than other Latin Americans.

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Overall a very smooth look. However, Colombian men have a reputation for having affairs. Girls Colombian girls are renowned globally for their beauty. Colombian women, like the men, tend to have tan skin and rich dark hair. With a lot of women being in good shape, and focusing on appearance, they present a good face. Plastic surgery is quite common, including for the breasts and butt. Backing up their looks, Colombian women tend to be very caring and open. Relationships Colombians form tight social bonds, similarly to other parts of Latin America.

After moving away from traditional lifestyles, today Colombian men and women often live in cities, and both work. Colombian relationships are still somewhat more on the traditional side, though, with men pursuing women rather directly. Race and class constrain some dating choices, especially in more conservative areas. In very traditional regions, a couple may require a chaperon. Because Colombian guys can get a girl pregnant and then leave without paying child support, there are many single mothers and women distrustful of men.

Therefore women may wait longer to have sex while dating men. A Colombian wedding tradition has the bride and groom exchanging coins, to symbolize their unity. Godparents continue to guide the couple. The Catholic church still has enough currency to limit divorce and other liberal activities. Colombians have less concern about age differences in relationships. Colombians often date people from other countries, sometimes moving to live together. It is more common for urban than rural Colombians to be open to relationships with foreigners. Family Life Once married, a Colombian couple may live with their extended family, or more often nowadays, live on their own.

Colombians are relatively open to relationships with people from other cultures. Overall, though, Colombian relationships remain somewhat traditional.

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Social Groups Colombians divide themselves by ethnicity and socioeconomic class. Ethnically, Colombia is primarily a mix of Europeans, Amerindians, and Africans, with considerable crossover. Socially and economically, Colombia has a wide range including a growing middle class, some extreme poverty, a concentrated upper class, and an unconventionally wealthy group of narcotraficantes.