Dating like a goddess

So, how do you date like a goddess? First, you work on yourself and heal from past wounds. We carry the burden of ancestral wounds. We repeat the learned patterns of our parents and grandparents and great grand parents. And, according to Christine, that affects how we see love and who we choose to love.

Then you can go into a date with confidence, text a man or a woman without hesitation and trust your gut when dating.

Episode 36: Christine Gutierrez on How to Date Like a Goddess

Learn more about this on episode 36 of Love Sujeiry: She's been at this digital media and content creation game for 15 plus years and pours her heart and soul onto LoveSujeiry. The former sex and relationship expert on Latina. I show up to the date to determine if I have a genuine interest in the person, evaluate how much I like spending time with him, and see if there is chemistry. I only want to be with a man who can hold my interest, is fun to be with, and whose company enjoy. I never evaluate men for their earning potential, nor willingness to commit.

Does dating seem way harder than it should be?

I inspire commitment within dates, that comes naturally to me, so why strive for it? Hold attention onto yourselves, stay focused on your inner world, personal goals, growth and development. Waste no time thinking at all about men, in fact, man should be the last thing on your mind. Men will naturally be attracted to a woman who is attracted to herself.

When he misbehaves, do not try to mold him into the man you need him to be. Instead, pass on him and accept the company of another man. I guarantee that the more men you date at the same time, the more powerful you will become. I wish I could invite you into my home to see how little I have invested into attracting men into my life. I have no sexy clothes, and stopped wearing heels years ago.

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I own no cosmetics or hair styling equipment. My makeup bag consists only of the most bare essentials. These days I rarely shave my legs, and on dates men routinely bend down to kiss my knees.

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I own no TV, if he wants to watch a game I instruct him to go elsewhere. My house is minimal because it suits me. My entire lifestyle is designed to please me, grow my interests, adventure to far off lands and live for my own personal pleasure. Even now that I am in a committed relationships, I continue to bask in my solitude, treat myself better than he can possibly treat me, enjoy travel alone even though we frequently travel together.


I maintain my friendships, my interests, my career, as none of those things have anything to do with him. I always have my own time and my own life, no matter which man is in it. The more work you do to attract a man, the more he sees how hard you are trying. The more time you demand from a man, the more he sees how much free time you have. The more you ask for fidelity or commitment, the more he sees how limited your options are. Remember, you are the prize, therefore you should be doing nothing, and he should be doing everything to earn you.

You and only you should be your top priority. Everything else will fall into place. Men will be competing to gain your attention, they will crawl on their hands and knees for you. But to command that kind of respect, stop asking anything of them. Respect yourself, love and adore yourself, invest in yourself, bliss in your time alone, and always keep multiple options open.

You must have multiple men in your life at the same time, stay social and keep moving. No man will chase stationery object. I am a moth drawn to You. To quietly sit at your feet softly chanting your Names. Your names are yours to name, the number and 7. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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A Goddess Does Nothing To Get A Man | The Goddess Principles

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