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I was so happy to have my mystery solved, I wanted to throw them a party. With little hats shaped like ovaries. And cake shaped like cake. I told myself; this is probably just a symptom of having a job where I speak a lot. It causes damage to your cartilage, muscles, and bones when you either clench or grind your teeth at night. More than 15 percent of adult Americans have it. Side effects are headaches, cold sweats, sleeping problems, eye pain, facial numbness, and muscle flutters. I tell you all of this to bring up a Golden Girls episode.

She had chronic fatigue syndrome and got to tell the doctor off in a fancy restaurant! I remember thinking, thank God that will never happen to me. When I grow up, things will be better. Yeah, I remember having that entire train of thought as a kid…then drawing up intricate plans for how I was going to marry David Bowie. Thanks a lot, the future. You can be certain of what you are feeling. In fact, you can be super polite while being certain, insistent, and well informed. None of those qualities are mutually exclusive. This insecurity, to be eloquent, is like… a real thing. You just have to decide to take your health care into your own hands.

Do it for me and all the women who had to learn the hard way. Life with Dental Implants Dental implants. This helps patients avoid gum disease, enamel wear, cavities, and much more. Preventative dentistry includes semi-annual dental cleanings, as well as daily brushing and flossing. These practices not only keep a patient's teeth white and clean, but strong and healthy. Contact us at to learn more.

TMJ Disorders (for Parents)

Should you get implant supported dentures in Palm Beach, FL? Believe it or not, these involve the same reliable techniques and enamel colored materials used to disguise flaws like stains, chips, fractures and old silver-colored fillings. Some people elect a whitening spruce-up in advance of their makeover. Jupiter, Tmj Therapy, Fl Author: Want Clean Healthy Teeth?

Floss is the Boss! This is worrisome because plaque buildup cannot only lead to tooth decay, but also to gum disease which is linked to over other diseases. Rejuvenate Your Smile with Implants Categories: Dental implants are the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth for a completely natural-looking smile. Safe, reliable and natural looking dental implants may be your smile. Are you missing teeth, causing you to be self-conscious?

Do you find yourself covering your smile? Call for a consultation today!

In addition, gum disease is also treated. If periodontal disease is caught early enough, this may be the only type of treatment that is needed. MDIs eliminate the need for surgery, unlike full implant placement where patients are requires to visit numerous times. Questions and Answers about Dental Bridges Categories: Some bridges are designed to compensate for multiple missing teeth.

Crowns are placed over the two teeth surrounding the gap where your missing tooth was once located. These teeth will serve to anchor the bridge, which sits in the space left by the missing tooth. The bridge will look just like one of your natural teeth. The goal is to fill the hole and restore your natural smile.

By making an appointment with your cosmetic dentist, you can learn about dental implants and professionally fitted dentures, which will allow you to continue to enjoy all of your favorite meals. At the same time, a full set of teeth will allow you to share your smile with everyone you meet. Dental Crowns, Palm Beach Author: Application of dental crowns is a procedure that is used to improve functionality as well as appearance. Healthy Mouth, Healthy Gums Author: This sounds like an indulgent brunch, yet all elements contain superfoods- extremely nutrient-rich food which help prevent disease.

Eggs- Rich in Vitamin D strengthens bones and teeth and high in essential nutrient choline aids heart and brain health Cinnamon- Anti-inflammatory may reduce risk of gum disease and helps control insulin levels. Blueberries- One of the best antioxidant sources and high Vitamin C supports healthy gums. Black Tea- Helps prevent dementia and lowers cholesterol Honey- Anti-microbial properties helps fight mouth and throat infections. When combined with a varied and balanced diet, these superfoods can help you live a healthier more delicious life!

Crowns, Implants, Bridge Author: Just brush, floss and have regular checkups with us!


Great options are available to suit all needs: Bridge-Replaces one or more missing teeth with a natural-looking artificial tooth which alleviates bite stress and helps to maintain face shape. Implant- Replaces individual or multiple teeth and it is placed into the jawbone, it arrests bone loss and provides a very long-lasting attractive non-removable option. We are here to help you choose the restoration option that is best to improve your oral health and appearance. Call us today to discuss your individual needs.

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Do you like what you see? If not, you may be a good candidate for a smile makeover. During this procedure, your teeth are fitted with a thin layer of porcelain so that you can obtain a smile that you find more attractive. Dental Implants, Restorative Dentistry Author: Ajmo explains what patients should expect from the recovery stage after they have had dental implants placed.

While dentures are the most affordable option available, they are far from the most comfortable option.

What causes TMJ disorder?

If you want a solution that will closely simulate your natural teeth so that your lifestyle in Jupiter, FL is not impacted, dental implants are an excellent option. Most procedures are completed without anesthesia in one scheduled visit with a well-trained Boca Raton dentist.

Most people start to notice the signs of gum disease when they are in their late 30s or 40s, but symptoms can sometimes occur even earlier. Even teenagers can potentially develop mild forms of gum disease if they do not brush daily and receive routine dental cleanings. Are Your Gums Receding? Jay Ajmo Can Help! Gum recession is a common problem in North America, especially for those over Receding gums can warn of periodontal disease, stroke and some cancers.

Effects of TMJ Disorder​​​​​​​

Although the leading cause of receding gums is gum disease, there are many more and all of them can open the door to gum infection and periodontitis. Hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy and menopause can make gums sensitive and more likely to recede. Aggressive brushing can wear away enamel and increase risk for gum recession. All can put excessive force on the teeth and jaws, causing gums to recede.

TMJ Disorders

Smokers are more likely to have plaque and tartar buildup which can cause gum recession. Jewelry can rub the gum and wear away gum tissue. Of all the excellent options available to restore damaged, discolored or missing teeth, crown and bridges are among the most popular. The covering can also be used as part of certain dental procedures e.