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And if you are one of the lucky guys who dates one of these girls, you will find in her most or all of the characteristics listed below. She has her own set of ideas and they all advocate love and peace. She believes in open-mindedness, human rights and, above all, freedom.

She is always ready to help and she will do more for others than she ever would for herself. She is comfortable with who she is. All of this makes her someone to admire. She is the ultimate peacemaker and she would love nothing more than for all wars to end. She is very passionate about it and not afraid to say it aloud.

She is genuine and positive. She keeps her distance when she feels negative energy within someone. If she chose you, know that she sees something within you.

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You are full of positive energy and good vibrations. A smile is her weapon of choice and there is no chance she remains unnoticed. The good vibes she sends only attract more goodness, so she is the kind of person you want to spend your time with, as she radiates positivity around you, too. Last-minute plans are her thing. So, if you want to take her out, ask before she goes on her next adventure.

She is an adventure herself, so she creates them as she goes. She creates them out of thin air because where other people fail to see anything, she sees miracles. She is a wanderer who is not afraid to be lost. She always finds her way, explores new places, meets new people, makes some new friends and shares love all around. She might consider it one day with the right kind of man but she has a wanderlust inside that cannot be stopped quite yet.

She is in love with all that traveling brings. She simply enjoys all sorts of travels—no matter whether it somewhere in driving distance or halfway around the world, she will enjoy it just the same. But if she finds her travel buddy and her soulmate all in one person, she will be over the moon. So the best thing a guy can be for her is somebody who joins in on her adventures. She is the kind of girl who is not afraid of spending the night in a tent or underneath the open sky.

Nature is home for her. She will make your dates in nature memorable.

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She is the one you can gaze upon as she walks barefoot on the grass. Music moves her inside and out. Her dancing resembles magic or some kind of out of body experience. She will take you to so many concerts and festivals that you probably never even knew existed, but they will be something you only can experience with her.

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She feels the music. Lyrics are not just words, they all have a deeper meaning. For the right one, she will be all the meaning he needs. She is one of those rare girls who has the hots for a smart brain. For her, there is nothing sexier in a man than his intelligence. She is smart herself and she likes to be with somebody her equal. She likes deep and philosophical discussions. She prioritizes her sex life but she is not easy in any given situation. She has to have a deep intellectual, spiritual and emotional connection in order to be close to somebody. Dating for a hippie girl is all about freedom.

Jealousy makes her feel restricted , burdened and oppressed. Also, because of her nature, she always makes new friends and likes spending time with people, so she never allows herself to feel restrained from doing so.

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She is so easy to be around and a lot of people enjoy her company. She never looks down on people and no matter how they treat her, she always treats them with respect. She has nothing but love for all the people. It means that she will simply avoid spending time with them. She values her friendships, so she gets validation in return. In a relationship, she puts friendship at its foundation. There is nothing better than having a girlfriend and a best friend all in one person.

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  7. She likes the simple things in life. She collects memories and moments.

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    As she expects her man to pay attention, she does the same. She listens and remembers the important things about you. She will keep your every secret, even those deepest and darkest ones. She is one of those rare people left who values trust above all and she will guard your secrets till the day she dies. A lot of hippies lead a mindful life, overall, and want to meet someone who does so, too. You can register for free via a desktop or download the app via iTunes.

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    MeetMindful also provides dating support from its blog as well as several experts, including Mark Manson, Arielle, Ford, and Dr. Created over 30 years ago, Green Singles is the most established dating site in this niche. A sister property of Green Singles, Spiritual Singles focuses more on personal growth, living with an open heart, and alternative health while still, of course, welcoming hippies, eco-conscious people, vegetarians, and so many others.

    Marcus had this to say about his time on Spiritual Singles: Forrest and Jenny parted ways that day in Washington, DC, but spoiler alert they eventually found each other again and got married — with Forrest wearing a light gray suit and Jenny wearing a flower crown, naturally. She was always a free spirit, and there are millions of real-life singles who are, too.