Dating a special needs person

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10 things to know before dating someone with a disability

Things to consider when helping your child enter the job market. A useful list of films that can inspire important conversations. Sign up with Facebook or Google. Local Sister Chat Articles Resources.

The Reality Of Falling For Someone With Special Needs | Thought Catalog

Some questions you might want to ask include the following: What does the child look like, and what are his or her dislikes? Does the child have any medical conditions or use any medical devices for assistance that I should know about before meeting the child? Is the child affected by any triggers, such as sounds or bright lights and colors?

How does the child react to changes and new people? It took a heavy toll on our relationship and on getting to know each other, because all of a sudden that seems to be happening either in hospital or in between rushing back and forth, with him being all preoccupied. If there is a co-parenting-agreement than you should also consider the ex partner to be a huge part of your future life.

Since the well being of the child is the main concern here and both parents will have to communicate a lot. And they can put a huge strain on you two seeing eye to eye on many subjects. After my bonus-daughter-to-be got hospitalised I had to set boundaries to protect myself from becoming overly involved and us playing mum and dad even before I made up my mind about this adorable but strong headed child.

After all the first months of a new relationship should be about fun, joy, happiness and getting to know each other. Ours seem to be about sickness, worries and changing shitty diapers in a dirty hospital.

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We are not there yet. I still hesitate to take on the enormous task that comes with raising a special need bonus daughter. And for now we have decided not to move in together in any time soon and keep separate households. Is it weird or unfair that I take my time to consider this and think this through? I think for every person it is different. There will be men and women that love to take on a challenge like this without hesitation. There are also men and women out there that have misjudged it and they had to bail out after the kid got attached.

I just do not want to be one of them. If possible I want to be as prepared as possible, knowing what it takes and discover maybe new abilities within myself to guide yet another beautiful girl on her way to adulthood. And for that I need time. And that is my advice for you out there, searching the internet about the meaning of your feelings.

Here are a few quotes on special children that may help you in the process of thinking it all through:. Until you have a kid with special needs you have no idea of the depth of your strength, tenacity and resourcefulness — Unknown. We need to let down our hair and eat dairy or gluten.

We need to go walking alone sometimes, even if it means we could pass out in a park somewhere. Yes, bring up that medical study or new prescription you heard about. But also trust that we know what meds, exercise and tests are best for ourselves.

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If we need your help, we will totally ask. This is the part that freaks most able-bodied people out. Will I have to do everything in the relationship?

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  4. Do you really think we want to sit life out on the sidelines? We want to do all of that crap too.

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    Whether things are vanilla or not, is up to you. Are you planning to stop communicating what you need and want? Are you going to not reciprocate, shut down, or gloss over our needs and wants? Those are deal-breakers and intimacy-killers in any relationship. Sadly, many people with disabilities are subjected to emotional, psychological or sexual abuse.

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    Like with anyone sorting out feeling of trauma and victimization, patience and tenderness go a long way. Sometimes, medications might throw off desire or enjoyment.

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    6. This is so huge. We want to be included and a part of your life. We want to be invited to the parties, the dinners, the night outs and the weekend trips. We all have strengths and weakness in the kitchen, in the laundry room, in the household budgeting and in the day-to-day minutia that makes a life.

      The Reality Of Falling For Someone With Special Needs

      People who have certain physical limitations might find it hard to stand to do the dishes, load and carry laundry, clean the home or to do grocery runs. So if you can, order your groceries online and have them delivered. Find a place with a dishwasher. Hire a cleaner a few times a month. Generally, the rules of a break up stay solid: Breakups are not just emotionally rough but have scientifically proven to make people mentally and physically unwell.