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However, Michael's conception was the result of Carly's one night with A. Eventually Carly's relationship with Tony fell apart and A. She claimed that A.

When Michael was born, he required immediate heart surgery and Jason made the necessary medical decisions on Carly's behalf. Carly struggled with postpartum depression and left town shortly afterwards. Jason cared for Michael in her absence and named him Michael after his good friend Michael "Sonny" Corinthos. Jason continued to bond with the child and grew to think of himself as Michael's real father. Jason's girlfriend, Robin Scorpio, helped Jason care for Michael although she believed it was wrong for A. Carly recovered and returned home briefly to care for her son.

However, she had to leave Michael with Jason and Robin once again. Tony was devastated when he learned that he was not Michael's father and kidnapped the baby.

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When the court was lenient with Tony's punishment, Carly took matters into her own hands and fired a shot at Tony. She was sent away for psychiatric care. The marriage quickly fell apart and Carly moved on with Sonny Corinthos. Carly and Sonny embarked in a tumultuous relationship that included several marriages and divorces to one another. In the process, Michael gained a half-brother named Morgan from Carly's relationship to Sonny and an adoptive half-sister named Kristina through Sonny's tryst with Alexis Davis. As a young child, Michael was exposed to the dangers of Sonny's life in the mob and he grew up surrounded by body guards.

In February of , an enemy of Sonny's named Faith Roscoe kidnapped all three of Sonny's children, including Michael. As the oldest, he tried to protect his younger siblings until they were separated. Faith's accomplice in the kidnapping was Michael's biological father A.

He brainwashed Michael to believe that Carly and Sonny did not want him.

Michael Corinthos

Jason tried to rescue Michael from A. During the scuffle, A. Michael started to have nightmares and imagined that he was the one who had killed his biological father. After therapy, he realized that he had only witnessed the crime. Asher Thomas, who A. Michael recovered from his time with A.

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When the Text Message Killer was on the loose in , Michael illegally purchased a gun to protect his family. Kate survived, but Michael ran away from home.

Michael eventually agreed to meet his mother at the warehouse that Sonny's enemies had wired with explosives. Carly and Michael were there when it blew up, but both recovered. Michael's parents remained concerned over his interest in the mob. After Sonny stepped down and turned the organization over to Jason, Michael accompanied his father on a trip to the coffee warehouse to see the legitimate side of the business. However, mob rival Claudia Zacchara and hired sharp shooter Ian Devlin used the opportunity to take out Sonny but the bullet ricocheted and hit Michael in the head.

He was rushed to the hospital and ended up in what was believed to be a permanent coma. Michael was sent to a long-term care facility in May , where he remained comatose for nearly a year. Neurosurgeon Patrick Drake performed a controversial experimental operation that got Michael out of his coma. Michael was shocked to discover that Sonny had married Claudia, who was pregnant with Sonny's child, and that Carly was pregnant by Jax. Michael struggled with his emotions and became enraged with driving.

He thought that he had run Claudia off the road, which caused her to miscarry. Michael ran away to Mexico but Kristina tagged along. Kristina admitted that she had caused the accident and Jason, along with Kristina's sister Sam, brought them back home. Michael bonded with his step-mother Claudia until he remembered that while he had been in his coma, she confessed to ordering the hit on Sonny and hiring the shooter which had resulted in Michael's injury.

When Sonny learned the truth and publically confronted Claudia, she kidnapped a very pregnant Carly. Michael was the first to find the women and discovered that his mother had given birth. He heard Carly beg Claudia not to take her daughter. Michael burst in through the front door and saw Claudia holding his baby sister. He reacted by grabbing an axe handle and striking Claudia. The blow killed her instantly.

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Michael's family agreed to cover up Michael's role in Claudia's death and Sonny went to trial for her murder. Michael was wracked with guilt and eventually told his long-lost older half-brother Dante the truth. As a police officer, Dante believed it was his duty to reveal the truth but assured Michael that the court would go easy on him.

However, the judge was angered by the cover-up and gave Michael a harsh sentence in Pentonville prison. To protect Michael from Sonny's enemies in prison, Jason made a deal with the prosecutor and confessed to criminal activity so that he could be sent to Pentonville, with the proviso that he's share a cell with Michael.

Soon thereafter, Dante pleaded with the judge to show lenience, and the judge capitulated. He had Michael released into Dante's custody. Although Michael was released, he was on parole and was ordered to have minimal contact with his father and required to reside with Dante. His family wanted him to finish high school but felt that he had nothing in common with his classmates and that they would not be comfortable around someone that had committed murder.

Michael was more convinced than ever that he should work for his father so that he could eventually take over as his successor.

Michael did return to school after he was reminded of how much his sister needed him. She also felt like an outsider after the death of her abusive boyfriend. Michael did well in his classes, but he struggled to interact with his classmates. He was involved in a fight his first day, and he pulled away when one of Kristina's friends touched him flirtatiously. Even though Michael agreed to finish high school, he remained interested in his father's organization and tried to prove he could be an asset to the business.

When Michael overheard his father confess he had planted the bomb in Johnny Zacchara's car that almost hurt Kristina, he agreed to remain quiet. He told his father he understood the show of power. Michael tried to broker peace between the Corinthos and Zacchara organizations. While he spoke to Johnny, a car opened fire on them.

Michael pushed Johnny out of the way. When the police arrived, Dante covered Michael's involvement so he would not be found in violation of his parole. In the time after Michael was released from prison, he was easily startled and reluctant to have physical contact, and he suffered nightmares. Michael refused to open up about his experience but talked to Jason about sex and asked to be set up with a prostitute. Jason refused but Sam overheard the conversation and agreed to set Michael up with her friend Abby.

Abby's professional stripper name wad Candy, and Michael had a violent reaction when Candy tried to touch him.

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She forgave Michael for his reaction and they developed a friendship which later turned in to a relationship.