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Wouldn't know about interatcial dating. I dated in college and my parents were okay with it. They, however, made it clear that they still preferred that I had a job and such before I started dating. When I started working after college, for a short period of time, my parents STILL preferred that I didn't date because they wanted me to have 6 figure salary and a post graduate degree before I started dating.

At this point, I realized there was no real point where I could satisfy them completely. I worked for about a year after college and then started seeing my current gf. Now, my parents are totally fine with me dating. I don't think they will really consider anything to be serious until I actually marry her though haha.

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That green light became even brighter when I got my job and started my career. My parents and I came to the conclusion that I'm too alienated and aloof to date anybody presently.

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So I don't think that's gonna change in the next few years. Maybe when I'm 30 I'll reconsider such human relationships. I'm a university student living away from home. My parents are technically still strict about what I do and just even who I hang out with when I go back home. But that's why I don't tell them about my personal life. They really don't have much to worry about anyway because I'm too busy to deal with people who just want to have fun and wreak havoc.

I guess it will be dependent on how liberal the parents are. But generally, yes, they always care. Especially, if you are from an ethic background of any sorts, they still need to keep 'face' after all. Really depends on the parents. Mum is open to me dating men who come from well-rounded, financially secure religious families. Neither of them care what race the guy is, outside of some really traditional exceptions. My grandmother on the other hand Anyway, none of the guys I've had a real relationship with fit her criteria, it doesn't bother me what she wants tbh.

It's my life, and ultimately I'm dating him, I'm marrying him And that can be true in some, if not many, cases. But is it racist? It certainly can feel that way sometimes and sometimes it is that way , but I think for the majority, the core of the matter has nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with our immigrant parents wanting to be able to communicate with their new son or daughter-in-law, along with adapting to different customs and cultures.

Our parents have left their native homes and joined a community where they do not speak the language at least not strongly enough to have a political or philosophical conversation. And family is such an important part of Asian culture. If I were dating someone Chinese, how my parents and how his parents would act would be mutually understood. The Chinese came to traditionally view daughters as less valuable because the girls would leave them, often to a different village altogether. Because my boyfriend and his family are white, I often wonder whether my parents and his parents actually understand how to behave around one another.

It makes it all the more difficult for my parents, who feel like they must perform these duties and avoid any American faux pas on top of Chinese ones. But is race irrelevant? Not quite for most Asian parents from an older generation. Many Asian cultures hold onto old stereotypes, but I think people of all races are still struggling with stereotypes. I am really lucky.

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Whenever people ask if my parents are fine with my Caucasian boyfriend, I answer yes. How should I dress? Should I take a gift and if so what? For some it can be mind boggling. Introducing a partner who is outside your culture is best handled with some care and thought.

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Yes, this is easier since they get to meet the whole family at the same time, but this may be a little overwhelming for your partner. Introduce them to your family slowly and in small manageable chunks. If your parents are conservative, again, introduce your partner into your family slowly and take your time. There is no rush! Start off by introducing them to the more amenable and less conservative members of your family first.

Tips for non-Asians dating an Asian

Gather a little support upfront. If you have an aunt, sister or uncle, rope them into assisting with the first initial meeting.

Tips for Asians dating a non-Asian

Talk highly of your partner in front of your parents, you have my permission to exaggerate a little. Only you will be able to make the judgement call on this.

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First and foremost while your family are important, your partner comes first. But, it is important to take it easy with your parents, for the most part they are doing what they feel is best for you. They may think your life would be easier with someone within the same culture. If your family continue to disapprove — focus on building a great relationship with your partner.