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Real women share embarrassing stories of trying to impress their workout crushes—and failing miserably. In theory, the gym is the perfect place to meet a guy, right? These embarrassing stories of gym romance gone awry might make you want to keep your gym crush as eye candy only. I checked myself out in my iPhone reflection to make sure I looked like I was glistening, not sweating. Then, just as I flicked my ponytail and made eye contact with one of them, my ankle gave out and I was almost completely thrown from the treadmill! The guy I was eyeing said 'ouch!

People Are Doing It At Your Gym: 6 Personal Trainer Secrets |

Good thing nothing was bruised—except my ego. He laughed awkwardly and then introduced me to his girlfriend. I could never bring myself to go back to his class! A few years ago, he was kicked out of our other local gym for doing that. I watched him on the hack squat machine a few days ago.

People Are Doing It At Your Gym: 6 Personal Trainer Secrets

He loaded it up with plus pounds, lifted it while growling like a bear and returned it to it's original resting location A little while later, I overheard him bragging out he "squatted" pounds earlier. There are several guys that come to the gym that dress in 80's attire and never take off their sunglasses And lastly, their's three older, fat guys, all professionals here in town, that spend the majority of their gym time standing around or sitting in the locker room naked, talking.

8 Unforgettable Gym Fails That Will Make You Rethink Flirting While You Sweat

I've walked into the locker room, showered, mindfully dressed in the back room away from those pervs, and left, all the time they're still have their naked conversations. And at the old gym, a lady came to work out in one of these, [img]http: And the best was a guy that was running on the treadmill. He was wearing loose shorts with apparently no underwear.

His penis was so large that it was noticeably flopping around He was asked to change his attire, but refused resulting in a huge no pun intended scene.


Originally Posted by MadJasper. In that gym, the treadmills lined the edge of the second floor. Several people complaied that they could see "it" when looking up at him Originally Posted by Keltron. I remember something about an older woman calling the police to report indecent exposure by her neighbor.

She went to explain to the police officer that when she stood on a stool, raised the blinds and looked out the window, she could sometime see her nighbor walking by the window in his underwear. I love people who show up not dressed for the gym Baseball, board games, playing Jeopardy, I hate to lose.

A couple of things. And then there's the old men who pack a towel around their necks like they're really working up a sweat, sitting around basically doing nothing! And finally, the guys who follow you out of the gym to checkout what you're driving. So at my gym we have a small stretching room that has a scale and some other stuff and a wall of mirrors.

The other day I go in there to stretch before starting my lifting session, well this guy comes in in shorts and a "tank top". He sets down his water botle and goes grabs lb dumbbells and brings them into the room and sets them down, he then proceeds to taje off his tank top and shorts so he's just standing there in his underwear.

I think to myself ok maybe he is just going to weigh himeslf then put his clothes back on, whatever thats kool. He weighs himself then proceeds to pick up his dumbells and do biceps curls in his underwear!!!

Here’s How to Ask Out Your Gym Crush (Or Any Crush, Anywhere)

To say the least I finished stretching it was a leg day so theres alot of my stretching my legs by bending over and I didn't want him staring at my ass so I finished and left. I'm about 15 mins into my lifting and I see him leave the gym!

He walked into the gym after I had and I was thinking, that must have been some workout you had, a whole 15 mins wow Quick Navigation Female Misc. Similar Threads Funny gym stories! By Kmess in forum Teen Bodybuilding.

6 Stories Of Fit Girls Who Out-Performed Men At Their Gym

There is no romantic valor in playing it safe. Do not keep asking someone out if they turn you down or do not show interest. Trying to win someone over shows poor boundaries, lacks empathy and can feel oppressive.

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You gave them a compliment and you practiced confidence, so you can smile the next time you see them. Dating is a process of risk, vulnerability and, at times, being let down.