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College Hall was both an academic building and residential building. On March 17, , it was destroyed by fire, the precise cause of which was never officially established.

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The fire was first noticed by students who lived on the fourth floor near the zoology laboratory. It has been suggested that an electrical or chemical accident in this laboratory—specifically, an electrical incubator used in the breeding of beetles—triggered the fire. A group of residence halls known as the Tower Court complex are located on top of the hill where the old College Hall once stood.

After the loss of the Central College Hall in , the college adopted a master plan in and expanded into several new buildings. The campus hosted a Naval Reserve Officer Training program during the Second World War and began to significantly revise its curriculum after the war and through the late s. In the faculty adopted an open-access policy to make its scholarship publicly accessible online. Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. This landscape-based concept represented a break from the architecturally-defined courtyard and quadrangle campus arrangement that was typical of American campuses at the time.

According to the designers, this plan was intended to restore and recapture the original landscape character of the campus that had been partially lost as the campus evolved through the 20th century. Wellesley is home to Green Hall, completed in , the only building bearing the name of famed miser Hetty Green ; the building was funded by her children. Stone Tower, housing a bell carillon instrument which is routinely played between classes by members of the Guild of Carillonneurs.

Houghton Chapel was dedicated in in the center of the college campus.

Wellesley College

The exterior walls are pierced by stained glass windows. The money was raised by and construction began June 5, This renovation added a recreational reading room, offices, archives, a reserve reading room, added space for rare books and additional stacks. From to a major addition was added to the right-hand side of the building. In the building was renamed for Margaret Antoinette Clapp, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and member of the class who served as the 8th college president from The Davis is at the heart of the arts on the Wellesley campus adjacent to the academic quad, and is connected by an enclosed bridge to the Jewett Arts Center, designed by Paul Rudolph.

The collections span from ancient art from around the world to contemporary art exhibitions, and admission is free to the general public. The current president of Wellesley College is Paula Johnson. Paula Johnson was the Grace A. Chan School of Public Health. Kim Bottomly to become Wellesley's 14th President in July Since , the Wellesley Centers for Women has produced over scholarly articles and over books.

The Wellesley Centers for Women has five key areas of research — education, economic security, mental health, youth and adolescent development, and gender-based violence. WCW is also home to long-standing and highly successful action programs that engage in curriculum development and training, professional development, evaluation, field building, and theory building. Wellesley's average class size is between 17 and 20 students, with a student-faculty ratio of 7: Wellesley's libraries contain more than 1.

Wellesley has a total of 56 departmental and interdepartmental majors as well as an option for an individual major designed by the student. Wellesley offers support to nontraditional aged students through the Elisabeth Kaiser Davis Degree Program, open to students over the age of Wellesley offers dual degree programs with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Olin College of Engineering , enabling students to receive a Bachelor of Science at those schools in addition to a Bachelor of Arts at Wellesley.

Although its traditional affiliations have been with Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the college now also offers research collaborations and cross-registration programs with other Boston-area institutions, including Babson College , Olin College , and Brandeis University. The annual ranking of U. The admissions policy was updated in to allow transgender women and non-binary people assigned female at birth to be considered for admittance.

As of [update] , U.

Some cooperative housing is available, including a sustainable living co-op and a French language house located slightly off-campus. Wellesley offers housing for Davis Scholars as well, though not for their children or spouses, which is a point of frequent debate on campus. For more than 30 years, Wellesley has offered a cross-registration program with MIT.

In recent years, cross-registration opportunities have expanded to include nearby Babson College , Brandeis University , and Olin College of Engineering. It is also a member of a number of exchange programs with other small colleges, including opportunities for students to study a year at Amherst , Connecticut College , Dartmouth , Mt. The college has approximately student organizations, ranging from cultural and political organizations to community service, publications, campus radio , and club sports. WZLY is the college's campus radio station. It is entirely student-run and plays on Founded in , it holds claim to the oldest still-running women's college radio station in the country [53] [54].

In the 80s, it earned the nickname "Electric Ladyland" after the Jimi Hendrix album of the same name. Wellesley College does not have any fraternities or sororities ; it does, however, have a number of societies, technically social and academic clubs that fulfill many of the same functions as sororities. There are currently six active societies on campus: The societies sponsor many lectures and events on campus, and contribute funding to events sponsored by other departments and organizations.

They hold a process similar to "rushing" a sorority that is called "tea-ing," and organize on-campus parties; each society specializes in an academic interest. Publications on campus include Counterpoint , the monthly journal of campus life; The Wellesley News , the campus newspaper; International Relations Council Journal, the internationally oriented campus publication; and The Wellesley Review , the literary magazine. Wellesley does not have a mascot in the traditional sense — its sports teams are referred to both individually and collectively as "the Blue" the school colors are royal blue and white.

WCW's Women Change Worlds Blog

Additionally, the fencing team competes as a member of the Northeast Fencing Conference NFC and the golf team became an associate member of the Liberty League during the — school year. Built in , the KSC features a field house, a pool, squash and racquetball courts, a m track, a climbing wall, four indoor tennis courts, and various other exercising areas.

It also houses the administrative offices. The campus also has four outdoor playing fields and an outdoor track, as well as eight outdoor tennis courts and a boathouse. The Wellesley College Crew Team, affectionately known as "Blue Crew", was founded in and was the first women's intercollegiate rowing team in the country. This historic win marked the first time a team from Wellesley College won a national championship, and also marked the first time a women's college won the NCAA Rowing Championships.

Wellesley has taken home one team national championship Blue Crew's win at the NCAA Championships in , three individual national champions, and one individual boat champion in its history. As is the case with all of the Seven Sisters , Wellesley College has many traditions, many of them carried over from the late nineteenth-century. Hoop rolling is a highly anticipated annual tradition at the college dating back to Before graduation, the seniors, wearing their graduation robes, run a short race while rolling their hoops.

The winner of the race is said to be the first woman in her class to achieve success, however she defines it. In the early 20th century, however, the winner was said to be the first in her class to marry; in the s, the winner was said to become the class's first CEO. She is awarded flowers by the president of the College, and then tossed into Lake Waban by her classmates. The tossing of the winner into the lake began several decades ago when a Harvard University male, dressed as a Wellesley student, won the race.

When, upon his victory, it was discovered that he wasn't a Wellesley student, he was thrown into the lake. The night before the race, many "little sisters" will camp out on the racecourse near the Library to save a good starting position for their "big sisters. Class trees, as they are called, can be found all over the campus, marked with each class year on a stone at the base of the tree. During sophomore year, students also design and purchase class sweatshirts. The Wellesley campus is just before the halfway mark on the Boston Marathon course, and students come out to cheer runners in what has become known as the "Scream Tunnel.

Bobbi Gibb claims to have heard them from half a mile away. The women ran out into the road and raised their arms to form a tunnel. Diana Chapman Walsh , who would later serve as Wellesley president from to was present for the race. We scanned face after face in breathless anticipation until a ripple of recognition shot through the lines and we cheered as we never had before.

If she is feeling particularly naughty she will go for a one night stand with Barry Berklee, who plays guitar. Although, she will ignore texts from those silly Babson and Olin boys.

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That, is the honest truth about the stereotypical Wellesley girl. The media likes to pigeonhole Wellesley students into two contrary stereotypes. According to The Princeton Review, the typical Wellesley student eschews any form of liquor or alcoholic beverage for a glass of milk and a warm cookie. Wendy Wellesley works hard through the weekend and does not even whisper the word, "party.

I only became familiar with Wellesley stereotypes after coming to Wellesley and talking with other students during fall orientation. During this time, students would encourage us not to take any comments like "Wellesley girls are too intense" or "undateable" seriously. I suppose the most basic stereotypes would be: However regardless of these stereotypes, wellesley women can usually get into any harvard or mit party by simply saying you are from wellesley.

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We are definantly percieved as dating material. One is that everyone is a lesbian. This is not true although Wellesley is a very liberal campus and so we are maybe more open about our acceptance of anyone, wherever they are on the gender spectrum. There may also be a stereotype that Wellesley students are Wellesley- I can speak from personal experience and say that is definitely not the case.

Another is that we're rather cutthroat. That they are really intense and ambitious. That they are aware of the world around them. That they are spoiled little rich girls. That they are easily offended and often complain for the sake of complaining. That they ride the "fuck truck" into Boston on the weekends to scout for boys or other girls. That they are all liberal, tree hugging lesbians.