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Rockland County, New York , U. Tony n' Tina's Wedding. The Education of Charlie Banks. Hot Tub Time Machine. Ads within the campaign can serve before or after the campaign dates.

You can't set placement dates that fall outside your campaign dates. You still need to make sure that when you change your campaign dates, your placement dates still fall within the new campaign dates. An easy way to do this is to apply your campaign date changes to placements.

Otherwise, changing campaign dates won't affect your placement dates. For example, if you change your campaign dates to April 5th - May 5th, then the following applies:.

Placements that end after May 5th do not automatically change. Placement dates only have to conform to campaign dates if you want to save changes.

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A landing page is the final page to direct people to when they click or tap your ad. After you create a landing page in your advertiser , you can reuse it in all of that advertiser's campaigns, ads, and creatives. You must add at least one landing page so that your campaign has a default to use in case there is no other landing page specified in your ad or creative. Here you can enter a suffix to be appended to the landing page URL of ads in this campaign. You can change this suffix for particular ads in this campaign in the ad properties.

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Leave the suffix locked to use whatever suffix is set at the advertiser level. You can create event tags in your advertiser or campaign and choose whether to apply them automatically to your ads or require they be added manually. Use the checkbox here to turn ad blocking settings on or off for a campaign. You can find detailed instructions about setting up ad blocking here. Ad blocking prevents your ads from serving to inventory where you do not want them to appear.

This way you can make sure your advertiser's brand does not appear in the wrong context.

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Your overall ad blocking criteria is managed in Verification. In Trafficking, you enable ad blocking for specific campaigns, sites, or placements. Creative groups are a way to label your creatives in reports. This allows you to generate reports that show performance data by creative group.

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Add creative groups in your advertiser properties and choose which campaigns you want to share them across. To create new creative groups, click Manage creative groups. This takes you to your advertiser page, as you must add creative groups at the advertiser level.

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Click New creative group in the "Creative groups" section. In your campaign, select creative groups to use for creatives in your ads. The groups you choose here will be available as labeling options in your ads. Any creative can belong to a maximum of two groups. Campaign Manager divides your creative groups into separate categories group 1 and group 2. This can help you compare the performance of different groups of creatives.

Creative groups are different from creative fields. Both are ways to label groups of creatives, but creative fields also have values subcategories within each label. Creative optimization is a way to rotate creatives in your ads based on performance. The metric you choose here becomes available in all your ads as an optimization metric.

You can only choose one metric at any given time in a campaign. If you change your optimization metric, it will affect every ad in your campaign that is set to the optimized rotation. Find out more here. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the placement of cookies on your desktop or device. Sabah dating quizlet rencontre serieuse meetic watch dating agency cyrano episode eng sub please? Sabah dating agency cyrano ep. Eng english subtitles or http: Rar - cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha engsub video-g: