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Shocked, I asked her to repeat her claim. Not just once, she told me, but by numerous people. This is not natural! How, I wondered, could people who have the ability to help people who are unemployed—vulnerable, should I say—take advantage of them? The unemployed are looking for a job, not a date.

Not everyone who comes across as a LinkedIn dater knows better. They are attracted to a LinkedIn member as a professional connection, but their overtures become too personal. Nonetheless, their overtures persist, making it uncomfortable for the recipient of their advances.

I Used LinkedIn as a Dating Site, and It Worked Better Than Real Dating Sites

Imagine someone looking at your profile everyday, without contacting you to provide an explanation. The level 3 type. Their advances are outright obvious and persistent, and will prompt the recipient to block this person. As a job seeker, she wanted nothing more than to connect with people—men or women—who could be of mutual assistance, not people who wanted to approach her, based on her profile photo. But that was their choice. When unwanted advances occur, this is not acceptable, particularly when someone is reaching out for help in their job search.

New Dating App Uses LinkedIn Profile to Find Potential Love Interests

This is the greatest injustice of all. Please share your story if this happened to you. The first type can, IMHO, potentially be forgiven. Like Liked by 1 person. Thanks for your comment, David. I think the first category is the most prevent.

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  • I think we develop an affection, female or male that can be perceived by the recipient erroneously. Perhaps our tone is wrong, while our intent is purely professional.

    It's Awful

    Give me back my earrings, dickhead! Ex-Googler was my best chance at a lucrative affair. He knows everybody in the Valley. I scared him off by being weird. Hehe, guys are so easy. Biz Dev had a taste for the SF flavor of the day. I had to find out how Mr. Entrepreneur would disappoint me. I Googled him and found out that he is related to a internationally renowned groper.

    IRL he paid for lunch and three beers, had the bedroom eyes and hooked me up with a professional contact. Our encounter was not at all disappointing. I went on three dates plus one pending with men I connected with on LinkedIn. During those two months, I went on approximately 32 dates from actual dating apps.

    Forget Tinder, professionals are using LinkedIn to hook up

    The LinkedIn dates were great. The 32 other dates were sometimes maybe sort of OK. Ladies with more game than me should totally play on LinkedIn. Go on LinkedIn and flatter a bunch of partnered guys. You have nothing to lose. At press time Aziz Ansari has not responded to my InMail.

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