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Audio CD Verified Purchase. This double CD contains really great old music and groups for an incredible price. In resume, it is a must: The two stars I give to this collection is solely for the Mekons excellent song "Ghosts of American Astronauts". Although the rest of the selections may be interesting rock history they are for the most part uninspired and forgettable as songs. If you like collecting obscurities for obscurity's sake then be my guest but if you are looking for well crafted memorable songs then this collection contains only one-the aforementioned "Ghosts of American Astronauts".

It should come as no surprise that K-Tel has done a terrific job with this collection of 80's Indie Rock songs, they did an equally fine job in with an Alt. Country collection called Exposed Roots. There really was a time that I and thousands of others used to buy a lot of these acts' records through mail order catalogs and from magazine ads.

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That was what Indie rock was really about in the 80's. The bands featured here are for the most part Indie rock legends: And I might add a couple of personal favorites like the Chills and the Feelies. Co-compiler Scott Becker's liner notes, though, are a mixed bag.

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Taking unnecessary swipes at 60's rock and using the old Rock-crit line that the 70's were "a musical black hole", Becker's notes are better when dealing with the 80's Indie Rock that he loves, not dissing acts like Bob Seger who were pretty great, even if he didn't like them.

In the end, thankfully, that leaves the music. And it's pretty great. I'd forgotten how jangly and punk this stuff sounds.

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As with any compilation made by someone else, you could always find room for improvement: And does anyone remember the Go-Betweens who were Indie until ? Maybe on future volumes. But those are minor complaints. If you're interested in the peak of Indie Rock and 80's music, in particular this is highly recommended. Bought it when it came out, which now makes me growing progressively old today as I pull it out of the rack Jan.

Indie guy one day, cut-out bin oh, don't tell me you don't know what that is! That's the aesthetic indie used to love and live by, back in the day when the Three P's -- Pixies, Pollard and Pavement -- briefly ruled the cool kids' Earth. We just passed out of a swiftly moving, terribly slo-motion tragic horror of a decade -- all Bush and no play -- that ends with the people's masterstroke choice, Barack Obama, pummeled daily by the sourest meanies you'd ever want to call neighbors, all Republican.

Boy, you can understand now how they'd nail up a poor visionary genius like Jesus if this divinely human intellectual middle-of-the-roader can't even catch a single break. To me, indie rock has always avoided and ignored this sort of big, important stuff, and, instead, drilled down deep into the relatively lightweight but deeply personal daydreams and daily disappointments of urban and suburban white kids.

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Red, Hot and Bothered is subtitled "The Indie Rock Guide to Dating" and it's a conceptual and musical winner, from fold-out game board and poster to tunes stuffed within. It's the kind of package that has been forgotten in the age of computer load-up of music, although the songs lend themselves perfectly to pluck and choose for iPod.

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There's a dash of delicate, a smidge of forlorn Americana and a healthy dollop of electric sludge, all of it pretty cool, with boys and girls playing in the same sandbox. What strikes me, as my bones harden, my hair grays, my friends scatter and settle, and my hearing somehow, curiously, remains keen, is how well the damn thing has aged.

It still holds its cache, but maybe not to younger ears, you know? I guess I just don't know anymore. Maybe I'm out of it. And you know what? This is a really great introduction to underground s rock bands. The songs are full of energy and come of very well nearly thirty later.

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All of those bands are very obscure if you live in a town of 2, people in the middle of rural Minnesota. Before the internet there simply was no other to get exposed to these band unless you were lucky enough to know someone already hip to them. I am very thankful to the people that put this compiltion together.

If you're looking to get a taste of what was happening beyond the radio signal in the s start here. I like almost every song on the comp and for you it provides a good leaping point to see what you do like. I don't listen to cd's anymore but becuase of this comp I have sought out the old vinyl records and listen to those frequently.

The sign of a great comp is if it inspires you to dig and research and go beyond it, even while keeping it in listening rotation.

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