5sos preferences he likes you but youre dating another member

You saw Harry with his ex,Taylor. You saw both of them making out. You started tearing up as Zayn got back. You couldn't take this anymore,you ran off the restaurant and off to the street. You heard a horn honk behind you then everything went black. Liam-You were at you and Zayn's flat watching a movie. While you were watching the movie you saw Zayn texting someone and he hasn't payed attention to the movie the whole time and you were starting to get curious of who he was texting. You shrugged it off and continued watching the movie.

After the movie was finished you looked at him and he was still texting. You sneakily grabbed his phone and went through his messages and the person he was texting was some girl named Britney. You opened the message and you saw their conversation and it says: Keep the bed warm for me ; While you were reading it,you saw Zayn walking downstairs. Tell me the truth! Now get out of my house!

Harry-You just got home from work. Your boss just fired you and all you wanna do was go home and spend time with your loving boyfriend,Liam. You went up to you guys' bedroom and you saw him on top of a blonde girl. I didn't mean to. Because you don't want Harry to find out? Your such a jerk! It's just that I don't want to ruin my relationship with Harry and also with you. Niall-You were with your brother,Niall. You two were hanging out at his flat just eating,watching movies etc.

Calum sighed wrapping his arms around you shoulders.

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Yeah, thanks for reminding me he thought bitterly to himself. Calum turned his back to the happy couple trying to block out the sound of them giggling and chatting. Ashton came and gave him a quick hug before pulling away and sighing. At least he had Ashton to talk to about this. She had absolutely no idea the hold she has over him, and she never can know. It would tear her apart and Calum would never put her in that position. She always had that beautiful smile on her face, it was that smile that made him fall in love with her.

Luke knew he was screwed the second Michael introduced us all to her. His eyes lowered in sadness. I live for responses like that first one lol. I love you guys. Thanks so much for reading the things I write and for interacting with me. Read Part One Here. A week has passed since you and Luke broke up and you still feel like absolute shit. You flip on your tv, hoping that the sound might distract you from thinking about you-know-who for a few minutes.

Some celebrity news show is on, and of course their trending topic is 5 Seconds of Summer. You groan and almost change the channel until you read the headline flashing at the bottom of the screen.

5sos Preference - Another Member Tells You He Likes You

He would never skip a 5SOS performance, especially a really important one like this. You pick up your phone and call Calum, hoping that by now they will have found Luke and reamed him for not showing up. Have you heard from Luke? I saw the news just now. You groan, assuming it must be another one of your friends coming by to try and cheer you up. You hang up and toss your phone to the couch before walking over to the door. You swing the door open and your eyes go wide when you see an extremely disheveled Luke standing on the other side of the doorway.

One Direction Preferences

He stays silent, and you can see where his eyes have been stained red by tears. You place your hand on his chest and look up into his glistening blue eyes. When you regain your composure, you wrap your arms around him and hold his large body against you to try and calm him down. He draws in a deep, wheezing breath before taking a step back and placing his hand underneath your chin.

I should have fought for you.

Preference #10 - But I'm Dating Another Member - 5SOS Imagines To Ruin Your Life

I want to be the one who treats you like a queen. You feel tears starting to pool in your eyes at his declaration, and you want nothing more than to take him back right away. He nods, tears flowing freely down his cheeks. I hate seeing you upset, and knowing that I caused it only makes it worse. A small smile finds your face. In the mean time, I think you should apologize to your mates and your fans for standing them up.

He lets out a small laugh. His phone rings and he pulls it out of his pocket.

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Things might not be the same as they were before, but you have faith that they can still be good. You Tell Him to Sleep on the Couch.

Your Relationship is a Secret. Your Daughter Goes to Prom. You Walk Out During a Fight. He Saves You From Drowning. You Have a Stutter. You Surprise Him on Tour.

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Your Son is Afraid to Come Out. You Two Get Drunk Together. You Celebrate Your Birthdays Together. Your Baby is Born Deaf. You Have Same Sex Parents. You Believe in Purity Until Marriage. He Finds You Self-Harming. He Takes You to a Family Event.

#10 BSM:You're dating another band member and he cheats

You Fall Asleep Outside in the Cold. He Gives You the Silent Treatment. The front door slams shut, startling you from your uneasy nap on the couch. You know how hectic his schedule can be especially right before an album release. You turn around and see your boyfriend of over a year walking toward the couch, dragging his feet with every step. He stays silent as he plops down on the sofa beside your legs and leans his head back in exhaustion. His eyes rake over you in a not-so-subtle way and you blush.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His face falls and guilt washes over him. We were supposed to go out tonight! I mean, I know how busy you are and stuff. He stands up from the couch and begins pacing.