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TeamYouTube waited until the last two strikes had expired, then bundled together four violations into one strike!

The contortions these people are doing to avoid 86ing Alex Jones, who regularly flaunts their rules to their face, are just unbelievable. In its post about the incident, Infowars directs its viewers to where they can still find and watch all four videos that were removed from YouTube: We see Pages on both the left and the right pumping out what they consider opinion or analysis — but others call fake news.

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We believe banning these Pages would be contrary to the basic principles of free speech. Embedded over one of the Alex Jones videos that are now banned on YouTube is a warning from Facebook.

How to Date a Six Year Old with Alex Jones

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'Dating Freedom Lovers,' InfoWars's Relationship Site, Will Tickle Your Libertarian Fancy

Tech Like Follow Follow. Alex Jones has escaped a YouTube ban yet again. Who knows, if the government keeps making people into homosexuals by putting chemicals in juice boxes something Alex Jones actually claimed , InfoWars might want to think about creating a gay dating site, too.

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  • InfoWars Dating Site: 7 Most Dateable Dudes From "Dating Freedom Lovers"?
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