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You undo yourself from your clothes quickly and so does Ethan. Then you get comfortable in his bed why he puts a condom on. He settles himself between your legs and places himself at your entrance. His arms were resting on each side of you.

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He kisses you one last time and then enters you slowly, still making sure you were comfortable. You suck in a deep breath as your walls widen around him. You let out a soft whimper and squeeze your legs against his hips. His hair tickles against your cheeks and you grab his scalp, trying to contain the pleasure. You look up to the ceiling as you throw your head back. God, how you had missed this amazing feeling. Your hands trail down to his back, grabbing his shoulders and muscles.

Hanging Out With My Ex-Girlfriend

He lets out a loud groan as you scrape your nails up and down his strong and smooth back. You cry out embarrassing moans as you buck your hips upward.

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The orgasm wrecks your whole body as you feel Ethans member throbbing against your clit. Ethan closes his eyes and frowns his eyebrows, a concentrating look on his face as he tries to hold his thrusts steady. The fact you were reaching your climax at the same time as Ethan was so erotic and you secretly loved it. His thrusts get sloppier as he breaths unsteady into your neck. After he had slowly brought his movements to a stop he lowers his body on top of yours. You enjoy his naked skin against yours.

When he lifts his face up you notice that his lips were all swollen and red; probably from biting them the whole time.

Friends dating your ex tumblr

It takes a few minutes before you guys had get yourself together and Ethan props himself back onto his elbows. Ethan smiles and pulls out. He moves his body to the right so he gets to lay next to you, looking at you with a goofy smile. Originally posted by twinmoles. His heart felt heavy within the confines of his chest, almost hearing it crack straight down the middle at the sight that greeted him. It was something he least expected; for one of his best friends to date his ex. He wished with all his might that he was the one holding your soft hands.

That he was the one kissing your plump lips. He just wanted to be held by you again. His heart pounded against his ribs. Maybe it was a mistake for you to try to move on with Youngjae, but you were desperate to move on from what held you back so much. Originally posted by soulmatesjjp. Furious even as he looked between you two. How could his own friend betray him like that? He was seething as he continued to stare.

If looks could kill, Jaebum would be far from gone by now. Jaebum gulped as he avoided his gaze, you doing the complete opposite and locking eyes with him. You could see the anger rolling off of Jinyoung in hot rays, only reminding you of why you left him in the first place. You sighed, quickly turning your attention back to Jaebum, not noticing that Jinyoung was now standing up and making his way towards the both of you. Turn around and date their ex that they know they still love?!

So fucking much for friendships. You yelled as you got in between them before it could escalate any further. Jinyoung grabbed your face and kissed you with such passion if left your knees weak before Jaebum pulled you away. Originally posted by ceohan. His hand clenched into a fist as he watched, still not over what he had with you.

You still looked as beautiful as the day he met you and he wanted so bad to turn back time to that day so he could fix everything he ever did wrong. He was startled to see Mark sitting there, a small smile stretching at his lips. You had also turned to watch the interaction. Instantly feeling guilty, but gripped your hand nonetheless.

Originally posted by luwo0.

“My Ex Stalks My Tumblr Every Day. Does He Want to Get Back Together?”

He instantly wanted to cry when the both of you stepped into the room, your hands laced together in complete happiness. Youngjae found himself biting his lip to hold back his cries as he let silent tears fall down his cheeks, watching how Jinyoung did what he once did to you. He wanted so bad to be back in that place. You were still his everything. His head dropped as he stared into his lap, pretending to be napping as he let the tears fall, realizing he lost his whole world and handed it right over to one of his closest friends. You sighed as you watched him, feeling Jinyoung pull you into his side, kissing your temple.

Your heart almost broke at the sight, watching the person you once called your ray of sunshine falling apart only feet away from you. Originally posted by jack His heart ached for you, but he was happy. Your happiness was his. He smiled in reminiscence down at your figure before moving his eyes to his friend. The soothing smile Jackson wore made you happy, but sad at the same time. You knew he still loved you, but you also knew that he wanted nothing but happiness for you; and you had that right next to you.

Originally posted by mochabam. You both turned to look at him, nervousness spreading in your bones. Your heart dropped to your stomach when you watched a couple tears fall to the ground below. Originally posted by poc7. He spent the last few months since you both had split sending flowers to your doorstep, each day having a letter that held one more reason he loved you.

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He wanted you so bad, and seeing you with one of his bandmates was just a confirmation that you were moving on from him. It stung within his ribs as he clutched at his chest. His vision was blurry as silent tears steadily fell down his cheeks. His hand rubbed comfortingly as Yugyeom sobbed, failing to notice how your head turned at the mention of his name. You were already in the process of letting him go, the love you held for him already churning into sweet memories that you could always smile back on.

I even got a sad little ask in my askbox this morning from someone that really missed my writing. Dick sighed and went over to the nightstand picking up his wallet and keys. Jason wrapped his arms around Dick, pulling him close. How would you feel in this situation?