How does mut 15 matchmaking work

Throw to side away from user. TE Angle — block RB. Read Streak to corner to drag to trail. Leaving RB on a swing is fine but would rather have blocker. PA Stretch shot is okay, others have had more success on it than I. Does okay against 0-man coverage if you block HB. Corner gets open if you let it. Post route is really nice. Make them respect the short part of the field. In route far WR. Same reads as above. U Drive Check — Our back to the left play. Block or swing HB left for easy few yards then just read. Drag routes are good unless usered. If usered low, go post high on cover 2.

How exactly does H2H matchmaking work

But drag route should be okay. Drag outside TE for levels. Out route TE, roll out right and wait. The post and TE crosser are decent. The TE on a check and release will take responsibility for blocking then let go of DE a lot so leaving him on that assignment is playing with fire. Post against cover 2.

PA Boot Left — Solid play if d is expecting right pass or run.

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Corner gets deep and opens lane for TE underneath. Flipping the run you need to motion over TE or motion inwards the slot WR for crackback block. Might be play rec issue? Stretch is okay either way. Depends on if the opponent respects the dive.

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HB misdirection flipped is solid. Flipping needs to be done backwards though lol. Max protect, drag inside TE.

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PA Fork — solid Man beating route, see wing slot for set up. PA Power O — The power play of this formation. Backside post destroys man and cover 2. Out route TE and look to bench concept that side first. Can motion out the slanting WR for a better levels concept to distract user. Post route TE is great. FL Drive — motion bunch WR across, streak. Deep corner or trail routes. Pick post or corner depending on user. Otherwise drag is gonna be wide open. Also will beat 2 and 4. I dragged WR on far right for my in game adjustment as a check down.

WR Screen, wait a half beat before throwing but nice because no fake handoff. Cover 4 — one play TD, comeback route lone WR, leave other two alone. Other side flood concept. Deep corners are amazing right now. Can swing HB for check down. FB Flare might be okay for beating 2 or 3 in seam. Flood concept on right. Smart route the Z route. Option route HB for check down. Y-Dig — same question. Also check TE speed route, motion it over?

Post Shot — Very similar to the other post shot plays. Power-O still better IMO. PA Spot is okay on the goal line, the WR is along the back of the end zone line. Post shot to throw a curveball off HB flat. A left play to go against the right side attack of the PA Sprint play.

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Power O and Counter weak are solid runs. Their effectiveness will be what makes this playbook work. Test which runs work the best for you. Make sure and mix them in though. Mtn Inside Zone — get the user chasing the swing and inside zone him. Normally pretty solid with a vacated user. HB Cross Screen — another play set up off the Swing, solid screen if the user chases, dead in the water if they hold theirs. Mtn Y Cross — Another play that sets up off the swing screen, drag the far WR if zone as the In Route at 15 yards sits evenly with hook curls and neither route will be any good if the user holds and another hook curl is near.

It should work better than it has though. An enigma at the moment. Hit RB quick for small gain. Inside zone is solid but not the best, motion over TE for better run. Will set up motion with other plays. Pass lead WR outside. Extreme Speed needed on inside WR. Worked in online H2H, practice mode a little tougher.

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  7. PA Read — leave stock or block HB, read zone coverage and hit open guy. Cover 3 the comeback, cover two the post. Mix in the other plays to keep opponent honest.

    EA is using dynamic difficulty adjustments in multiple games, wants to get rid of fair matchmaking

    Can slant lone WR for other route across middle. Bench Pivot is good against cover 3 as the out route gets out there quick.

    Madden 19 Fixes Match Making Details In Madden Ultimate Team? - My Opponent Didn't Deserve This!

    Streak middle WR — can hit him over the top in cover 3 with pass lead outside. Some competitive Madden players only stay in this formation the whole game. Slot curl — Stock, block RB. Can smart route corner to first down marker and In route TE and Smart Route him to first down for a better levels concept. Inside Hi Lo — Good against cover 2, either the post route or the wheel route beats those zones. Bench — solid on its own. Can do a backside in if you want to throw off opponent. Cross — The Outside WR cross gets to a tender area.

    Can motion him out if wanted. Fork Wheel — this is glitchy — two posts and a deep corner. Smart route Z route, block HB, drag slot. Go ahead, make my day. Best on short side of field. Streak slot guy, drag other slot, Optional: Angle Smash — only reason to run it is angle route from HB. Comeback Under — 2 speed routes to beat man coverage — motion middle WR across and you have two good options against man.