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In order to advance through the ranks, players must obtain the respective amount of points.

Insignias do not have any special properties attributed to them, though they often signify how strong the player is. Players who win the battle gain a significant amount of points, ranging from 50, 60, 80, , , or This typically depends on the rank of the defeated player s , though there are a few cases where this does not apply. The default amount of points obtained are same rank or if the opponent disconnects in 1v1. More points are obtained if the defeated player is of a higher rank, and less if lower ranked.

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As far as i know, there are two ways to do this. I hope you understand my english.

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Hello Falkum thank you for your question, we currently haven't decided how we will implement the PvP 2v2 match making and ranking system as the developers are currently working on server stability right now, hope this clears things up for you. Thanks for clearing this up Kiwi! Do you know how Battleforge managed the matchmaking back then? Any thoughts from the community, which elo system would you prefer?

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I think both systems have their pro and cons I would suggest having an elo per player, but it would show the player played most with over the course of maybe the last month as ranked teammate. This way others could still see who you were mostly playing with without giving away "free elo" if someone just makes a team with a high elo player. It's not perfect, but i'd say it is still better than the previous system, which was just tedious and frustrating at times and often failed to deliver fair matches. I often played with low elo players that can sometimes play a better supporting game than high elos 2vs2 so the individual elo wouldnt be very accurate.

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That would only cause that even more Smurfs appear, no High rank player want a bad 2vs2 rank so they stop playing with worse people and that shouldnt happen. Also there will be no non meta combinations just for fun seen in 2vs2 because every player will be just fixed on his individual elo. I agree with bobfrog , although with a slight modification. I think each player should have a "hidden" 2v2 personal ELO which affects the base score of the team alternatively, just use the 1v1 ELO.

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