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They were matched on different criteria, but ultimately discovered each other. Later that week, I got a text with a webpage and pass code. The company claims to match high-profile individuals in North America, and boasted successful marriages. The process is intrusive in terms of divulging information about background and finances. If I proceed, she feels there will be no turning back because of the way everything is set up.

I have 30 days to get back to these people with a response.

Legal paperwork arrived via courier. I am very disappointed in this company and the fraudulent ways they do business. I went through an extensive interview with Barb, including questions on my financials and then was scheduled to have my photograph taken. I was told that matches do not see the photos, that the matchmakers use them to pair matches together. I was also told that there are more mature women than men, therefore we pay more to belong!

I had a total of ten matches that could be used up in what was referred to as a lifetime contract. Barb said I would have no problem with being matched as I was slender, in great shape, with long hair and took good care of myself. The first match was decent but after the second date he started talking marriage, even though it was "Lifemates" that was too soon and frightened me, so I went on hold.

One year later I opened my membership again. The next seven matches were awful. One man was disgusting with mannerisms and very inappropriate comments.

The next was extremely overweight, another I caught lying as he had been on a "online dating" site that I had belonged to on a free month trial! I placed my membership on hold again! Recently I decided to open the membership to the last three matches remaining. When I tried to contact Lifemates to do so, I had problems with my phone calls being returned. I went to the office on Macleod trail to find out it had closed. I finally managed to connect with a representative after one month of consistently trying and she said the company was undergoing changes.

Eventually I was given two matches. One was not local. I had never asked for out of city! The ninth and final match was enough to leave me thoroughly disappointed and never to return. He was nothing like the profile, had taken no time to read the information blurb provided. He didn't even know what color of hair I had. When we met in person he was nothing similar to what I requested to be matched with!! I sent an email to the matchmaking team asking about the profiles of the men that Lifemates were matching me with. The first reply came back with my profile.

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My second email was never responded to. I decided to cut my losses. I believed the matches would improve. In reality the matches became less than my lowest of expectations. To all the lovely ladies out there who wish to find a life partner, save your money!! Take a vacation, or spa retreat, buy a few new outfits or some fantastic jewelry.

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You will find more satisfaction in doing that then you will with the quality of men to be found in Lifemates matchmaking service. I registered with Lifemates Canada in Calgary in and met with a Babs. She and I engaged in an extensive interview and I provided her with a lot of information. I am not a wealthy woman but I really had confidence in the organization so I made the purchase. The 4 men I was asked to meet with either did not respond to my phone calls, they decided I was not the right person for them and vice versa. I ended up putting my account on hold and was told to contact them when I was ready.

I have now been trying to contact Lifemates via the number nobody ever answers Only one time the message came on and when I tried to leave a message it said the mailbox was full. I sent a letter to Babs at the Lifemates location here in Calgary on Macleod Trail and the letter was returned as non deliverable. I do not understand how this business continues to operate. No calls returned, no emails returned either I've sent three and no communication whatsoever. Is this a lifetime contract??? I find it outrageous and humiliating and I see from the complaints that I am not the only person this has happened to.

I want a Lifemates representative to call me or email me and I want my account reinstated or I want my money back. If you are a middle-aged woman, be warned and do not sign up with this fraudulent dating organization. I was extensively interviewed by someone in the Calgary office by the name of Barb. Barb mentioned to me that I will have a date at least every 6 weeks; because I was pretty, slim, healthy and fit. She was great at giving compliments during the interview.

They do not share the photos with any potential matches. I was encouraged to provide a description and details of the men that I would like to be matched with.

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My preference was someone healthy and fit, with a university degree, not religious and not bald. The five matches included men who had no degree, men with health issues, an evangelical religious man and someone who was bald. If Barb interviews any of you please heed the reviews before executing a contact with Lifemates.

They do not adhere to their so-called contracts. Barb is not truthful. Also, I would advise that you request a business card with a local phone number for direct contact with the interviewer; as the Lifemate staff contacts are out-of-province, with alias names. They do business from afar.

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I have phoned and emailed them numerous times with respect to setting me up with another match. They are not returning any of my queries. My last so-called match was over 7 months ago. I was so fed up with the poor customer service and lack of matches I was receiving I decided to go to Small Claims Court to get my money back. When I went to serve the papers at the Ottawa location I found a notice on the door saying that they had to vacate the premises because they hadn't paid their rent. I called the property manager who told me that they were in receivership.

After making my own inquiries I found out that if you pay for the service on your credit card you might be able to contact them and request your money back. Otherwise you're probably out of luck. Don't join because you won't get what you promised.

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I agree with so many other dissatisfied clients. There's no matching done here at all. They didn't even come close. I think they threw darts at a board. But the fact that they charge women 10x the amount they charge men is very sexist!

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I wish I would have read all these comments before I signed up with them in Though there was an extensive questionnaire and interview process, and the interviewer encouraged me to be very specific in my search criteria, Lifemates never did provide me with anyone even close to the criteria I had specified. In 18 months, I was provided with 4 matches and one was 7 months after the one before.

One of these matches had a life-threatening heart condition, although two of my top criteria were "healthy and active". Don't waste your money. There is a very limited database of middle-aged and healthy men, as reported to me from those four matches who all said they are called frequently with "matches" by Lifemates for this reason.

I started a civil claim against Lifemates which had provided me with 4 matches in 19 months. There was very little compatibility in all four referrals. I signed up with Lifemates in December Only one date since that was very far from expectations and what I requested. Four other contacts since then and some not available.