T54 mod 1 matchmaking

I think the sp is the only one you should buy out of the 2. I manage to do very well in my mod, but its much harder to play than others which is not what you want for a premium. The sp with its pref mm makes it much easier especially with that amazing gold round. Super Pershing is worth it, the T54 mod 1 is not unless you are getting the mod 1 to spam pure gold ammo and run food on it just to balance out its weak points. But the Mod 1 see's tier 10 tanks, with its current pen it's useless basically.

Is the T-54 Mod. 1 considered "outclassed"?

If it was top tier it wrecks face, tier 9 match it will start to struggle, tier 10 you better hope your team is good because otherwise you have to spam a ton of gold to win. SPershing is the winner tier for tier. T54 prot is good, but the tier 10 games make it bad because armor is useless. Is a inconsistent tank. Is the best frontal armor of all tier 8, and bounce tier 9 td's is funny everytime.

But lacks mobility and penetration.

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  • Tier VIII of the Week: T-54 First Prototype.

IF prot have pref MM i go to it without any doubt. SP have, so for fun factor, and ever for credit factor i choose sp. I have 3 MoE on SP. It's a great premium, but won't make a lot of money. You have to carry a lot of APCR because the tank is too slow to flank anything and can't circle tanks, so you're going to be dealing with heavies from the front most of the time.

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However, the gold round pens anything you'll face, so it's not a problem. T proto is a good tank In tier 9, your lack of penetration and sluggishness becomes an issue and in tier 10 games I'm going to be honest with you: I have about ish games with T proto. If I could, I would get my gold back.

It's the only premium tank I wish I had never bought and I have many. Sure, the armor is great but that's it.

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I have had great games in it, but I much rather drive my IS-6 if I want a premium armored tank. T proto is really only worth it if you really need a Russian medium tank crew trainer So it doesn't even really play like T or T To offer a different point, i personally love the t54 mod. Its speed isnt bad, but it isnt exactly good either. Even tier 9 games arent that bad no comment on tier 10 games I have over games in mine and really love the T prot. It's armor is pretty good.

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It's not speedy, but it's not slow; it can still reposition. Its gun's pen is pretty mediocre, but it can still make a lot of credits if you fire some good. All in all, my favourite premium. Its more a heavium since it surpasses the is-3 in speed id say. I still agree with that last point a lot though. Nothing more nothing less. It's not advantage nor disadvantage if you are comparing to only tier 8 mediums.

Don't take this the wrong way I am just trying to be constructive here. Which brings me to another point which I would surely mention as an advantage of Mod 1. It also in it's on way makes up for it's "bad" viewrange. It's so fricking good. Good hull armour, good turret armour, viable in tier 10, good power to weight though low top speed of 44, average dpm. It's my favourite tank at the moment. As good as a tier 8 premium without preferential matchmaking gets. I have type 59 and mod 1 after update I prefer mod1 mainly for hull armor, penetration, type 59 has still more mobility.

I had a 3k damage blocked by armor in a T carry today against 5 tier 9 tanks. The mod 1 can probably tank equally well in that match up but it also has to fight tier 10s. The mod 1 looks good, but man tier 8 isn't fun.

For me the preferential matchmaking makes the T a lot more enjoyable to play than any of the standard MM tier 8s. Well, it's way better than but you know how tier 8 matchmaking is so T is better but you can't get it by trading. Agree, I bought one day one of release.

World of Tanks T-54 first prototype - 9 Kills 7,2K Damage (1 VS 5)

Felt like the old Super P driving it around. Left it in the garage. Replayed it since 9. Top Tier, it's super good, but because of the broken matchmaker, its gets in a lot of tier 10 games, and it really struggles in tier 10 basically have to spam gold ammo. What did they do to it? When i got mine it was pretty bad alround and i saw a buff months ago that didn't change much. Did i miss something?

I figure I can easily earn the gold for it anyway.. Surprisingly improved from previous. I quite enjoy it now. If you have a 'spare' and need a Russian med trainer, it will be worth it. To eco some of the comments, its a solid tank. I had a great oppertunity with a trade in. I sold my JgTig 8.

T54 MOD 1 Premium Vehicle - General Discussion - World of Tanks official forum

I was able to buy it back with credits when it came back and then got gold for it in the trade for the T I'm wondering the same, but with the M coming as a reward next month don't know if worth as a crew triner. Depending on how much luxury you're willing to pay for, the T First Proto has the same crews as the Russian Med tier X crews unlike the TM which you'll be using to train the Radio Operator that will never get used. Making credits is not an issue since I already have the Pilot, Patriot and Defender but I didn't know the xp gain was slower, thank I'll keep that in mind. I have always trouble penning T54mod1s consistently and they always have good scores.

I say the tank is good. Looks like a TD in a LT coat. You can't argue with that logic. Well okay, you can but it would be as rewarding as sticking your face in a blender. Lol you millennials are all the same. You think it's my job to show you stats gameplay footage and armor values. Go find out for yourself. I don't give a shit about you nor do I care what you think or how you feel. Figure it out or don't or fall off a bridge. So giving it those two things would fix the issues. I have played the tank a small number of times It's getting a turret buff soon but will still be a slow inaccurate turd.

I really would've liked to see them give it a a la t, esp since they are buffing the on the It would at least make it an interesting vehicle to play if nothing else. As it stands there's no reason for me to play it over the Gothraul 16 Posted Jul 25 - They are buffing it in areas that don't solve any real problems other than maybe the vision, needs more ammo and more comfortable gun handling. Mudman24 17 Posted Jul 25 - Players- the gun suffers from lack of pen on this tank, otherwise it's great and has good armor for a medium.