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There are more yester — words in the dictionary than just yesterday. As well as yesternight , there's yesterweek , yestereve , and yestermorn. Zoilus was one of the harshest critics of the ancient Greek writer Homer, and he was known for his scathing, nit-picking attacks on Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Derived from him, a zoilist is an overbearingly harsh critic, while unduly harsh criticism is zoilism. But the crust-loving pros who are cooking up your favorite slices seem to have insider slang for everything, including whimsical terms for toppings and one-of-a-kind ways of describing regional pie styles.

This most often occurs with top-heavy and topping-heavy pies, like Neapolitan-style pizzas with generous helpings of fresh mozzarella piled on top. An avalanche is what occurs when all the toppings slide off your pizza as soon as you pick it up. This tends to happen when a pizza is still piping hot from the oven, so be smart and give it a minute to cool down. This refers to the local style of thin-crust pizza, which originated at the famous Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana and has since become the area's pizza standard.

This style of pizza is thick like a Sicilian pie, but with a thinner, denser crust. The portions are smaller and typically square, which helps ensure that everyone at your Super Bowl party will get a piece of the pie.

Depending on your perspective, guppies is either a really cute or really gross way to describe anchovies. What does a pizza with pepperoni and onions spell out? A PO pie —which is close enough in spelling to Edgar Allan Poe's last name that it gets tossed around in pizza kitchens on occasion.

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Also known as a hemorrhage , this gruesome term refers to a pizza with extra tomato sauce on it. Now please forget that we ever told you that.

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The coastline is that little bit of exposed sauce you can see between the sauce and the crust. Likewise, wet mutz is fresh mozzarella. Most of the basic English names for colors—like red , yellow , and green —are among the oldest recorded words in our language and can be traced right back to the Old English period. Before then, what we would describe as orange today had just to be called either red or yellow or, if you wanted to be really specific, red-yellow.

Inspired by the rusty color of the rocks and deserts of the Australian outback, the name australien was used by dressmakers and fashion houses in late Victorian England for a deep orange color. Bastard-amber is the name of an amber-colored spotlight used in theaters to produce a warm peach or pink glow on stage. The drake in question here is the male mallard, a species of duck found across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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  5. Drunk-tank is the name of a bright shade of pink that has been the subject of a number of studies on the effects of colors on human temperament. This particular color—also known as Baker-Miller pink , after the two U. Navy officers who invented it—has been demonstrated in numerous experiments to have a calming influence, and so is often used in prisons and police holding cells to help keep inmates relaxed and to discourage unruly behavior. Falun is a small city in Sweden renowned for its copper mining industry.

    Since the midth century at least , many of the wooden homes, barns, outhouses and other buildings in and around Falun have been traditionally painted a deep rust-red color known as falu that is manufactured from the iron-rich waste materials left over from the mines. As the dyeing industry developed in the 19th century and was able to produce more and more colors, dressmakers and designers were left to concoct a whole range of weird and wonderful names for the new hues at their disposal.

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    Not just another word for anything ginger-colored, gingerline is often said to be a reddish-violet or reddish-brown color. However, by other accounts it describes a rich orange-yellow.

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    According to one description, it refers very precisely to the color of ripe kumquats. Not, as you might think, the color of a Labrador dog, labrador is actually a shade of blue that takes its name from the mineral labradorite, a blueish form of feldspar. Lusty gallant was originally the name of a dance popular in Tudor England, but somehow, in the late s its name became attached to a pale shade of red, similar to coral pink.

    Quite how or why this happened is unclear, but according to the Elizabethan writer William Harrison, dressmakers at the time had a habit of giving increasingly bizarre names to the colors of their clothes in the hope of making them more appealing to buyers.

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    Jean-Marc Nattier was a French Rococo artist known for a series of portraits of women from the court of Louis XV of France depicted as characters from Greek mythology. Pervenche is the French word for periwinkle, which came to be used in English in the 19th century as another name for the rich purplish-blue color of periwinkle flowers. In 16th century England, puke was the name of a high quality woolen fabric, which was typically a dull, dark brown color. Although the name sang-de-boeuf dates back no further than the late 19th century, the technique used to manufacture oxblood glazes was first developed possibly as far back as the s in China.

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    Related Words date stamp. Related Words date affiliate assort consort associate. References in classic literature? Oldest Bronze Age towers and copper workshops discovered in Oman. At the same time, it also failed to disclose own records on its website, which shows the minutes of just one meeting uploaded on March 28, , while five tender notices dated back to January