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Happiness begins from within, and until you come to terms with this understanding, you will continue seeking this awareness from external forces. When things go wrong in heterosexual relationships, it appears socially acceptable to place all the blame on men. Reject this notion and take ownership of your faults, whatever they may be. However, this is my perspective.

DON'T Date Women With These RED FLAGS

I am far more interested in yours. What else would you add? Do you love to write? If you have a story, article, post about dating or love, please Share your Heartbeat! We would love you feature your writing. I think this is a fair list.

Lying never works out in the end, even if it seems easy at the time. I am a curvy woman and I do show a full length photo of myself. Women need to be more confident and believe they are worthy. I think that one should just be a rule for both sexes,lol. This is quite interesting. Definitely thought provoking while not being a cure all as there are lots of other things that can affect how a relationship evolves.

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The Fickle Heartbeat A blog about love or lack thereof. Do Not Lie About Your Body Type Males are visual creatures, so although your appearance is not the end-all-be-all , it does play a role. Refusing To Be Direct And Upfront About Your Expectations This is an interesting one, because between males and females, I would honestly believe females would be more direct, concerning their expectations while dating.

Setting Dating Requirements to Rival Top-Secret Government Clearances I mentioned before that you should set expectations, and communicate them directly. Don't forget to Share: Feature Posts , Misc , One Gentleman. Lolsy's Library on June 8, at Please share your thoughts Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. How to Dress like a Gentleman on Date Night.

5 Online Dating Offenses: Female Edition | The Fickle Heartbeat

Your Mind Is My Playground. Actually this is how I am when I fall for a guy. I remember my bish RandomMisc mentioned she gets tunnel vision when she really likes someone and that's exactly how I'd describe it. And I'm not flaky with my feelings either.

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Last edited by Candees; at I like to go for the overly-depressed and on the brink of suicide females, they tend to stick around longer ironically. I don't think I agree OP. Sure, there are "some" women like that, but to generalize an entire sex, or to even suggest that's the majority. Not in my opinion. I've generally found that once a woman decides she "likes" you You cannot negotiate Desire.

Originally Posted by Candees. That's only initially though. Lots of girls are head over heels blindly for someone in the beginning, but rarely do women actually show some form of deeper devotion or dedication to something once they start becoming disappointed. Case in point, a lot of men are willing to stay in loveless marriages, more women initiate divorces in them.

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Men will stay because they feel like they have to honor the commitment --they made a promise type thing and doing what's best for their family They don't give a sht about that stuff, they're unhappy, so they want out. Women are fickle, emotionally unstable creatures. Originally Posted by liuzhoudragon. It's probably a throw back mechanism from the cave man days. Find a cave man who has his own cave crib, access to fresh water, and can catch lots of fish, giant mice or whatever they ate back then.

Man breaks his foot while hunting, he's out of commission for at least a month Find another cave man.

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Leave broken foot cave man to die by himself. It's a harsh World out there. You do realize divorce stats alone proves your argument invalid. If there are women who don't do this, they are the minority, not the majority. Originally Posted by Contribution I actually have had issues with this with some girls. When i like a girl, i'm willing to put up with some negatives as long as i feel the positives greatly out weight the negatives.

And if i get upset at the girl, ya i'm angry at her, but my thoughts aren't "i don't love you anymore" where i feel like with girls, you step on 1 wrong crack it can literally end the relationship right then and there. Or if its something minor, it can still end the relationship because they wont bother telling you the problem and then they just decide that they aren't getting enough and end it and THEN tell you what the problem was, and it ends up being something stupid that if you knew sooner could of been rectified.

Is something wrong with me? Excuse any typos on my iphone. Originally Posted by Magnolia Bloom. Maybe you are pushing yourself to move too quickly in a relationship. You won't find someone who feels as you do if you are looking for a relationship. You will find the right person if you just get out there and meet guys.

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The guys who feel as you do will prolly not be the ones with neon signs. Taking it slow is a good thing in the long run.

5 Online Dating Offenses: Female Edition

It's normal to be unattracted to almost all guys, and only attracted to a few. Why are you terrified of sex?

Women's feelings are CONDITIONAL when it comes to love, like, and dating.

Originally Posted by Faith I don't know why I was not able to. Sometimes I got bored during it. He did try, we both did. I just couldn't have an orgasm with him. Matter of fact the closest I came to having an orgasm is when I lost my virginity and it was such an intense feeling that I had to stop him. Then after that nothing. I can orgasm myself but I don't really feel the need to most of the time. And nila I know it's normal to only find few men attractive but is it normal to find few men attractive at first but then not find them attractive soon after or never have the desire to sleep with them or be physical with then even though you like them?

And I'm not sure why I'm terrified of having sex with someone. I guess a part of me wonders if there is any point since I don't know if I can orgasm with a man and I don't want it to be awkward once they deserve I can't. And then I don't want to get naked and do all the things that seem pretty humiliating: