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But with the ascension of Donald Trump to the White House, the days of laughing at kooky theories like " Obama is a Lizard Person " or being mystified by Flat Earthers has given way to a far more troubling pattern. Trump and his followers have managed to latch on to some wild theories and, using his massive platform, bring them into the mainstream. And now they have been weaponized by a president who doesn't just indulge these toxic conspiracies but gives them a validity they don't deserve. Trump, after all, is a candidate whose political fortunes have been built on his promotion of an infamous and racist conspiracy: But this example is hardly an outlier.

Since entering the presidential campaign in and right through to present day, Trump has embraced a variety of conspiracy theories with open arms and even spun off his own. And as these theories have wrought real world consequences, the idea of patrolling the web for the weirdest and most outlandish conspiracies has become not an exercise in entertainment, but one of legitimate anxiety and fear. Threats of violence and conspiracy theories have often been linked, especially if Buzz Aldrin is involved.

Unfortunately, Trump and violence have also been synonymous since before he became president, thanks to his incendiary rhetoric. When you combine all of these ingredients, it creates a combustible situation. The best example of this thus far is "Pizzagate," the theory that Hillary Clinton and several other high-ranking Democrats were involved in a child sex ring that was run out of the basement of a Washington, D. The theory is, of course, far-fetched and not true; Comet Pizza, the restaurant in question, doesn't even have a basement. Yet that didn't keep the theory from exploding online , perpetuated by figures on the far right that support Trump like InfoWars' Alex Jones and toxic Twitterer Jack Posobiec.

Eventually, that turned in to real life violence in December when Edgar M. Welch fired his rifle inside Comet Pizza in order to "self-investigate" the alleged scandal. Welch has since apologized and been sentenced to four years in prison, but it was still a shocking moment — a man pushed to violence by a conspiracy theory pushed by those who Trump has embraced. And now, with the move of QAnon from the dark corners of the web to the mainstream , there's new concern about conspiracies prompting more violence.

Though some have suggested that QAnon may have started as a hoax, it seems many of its followers think it's very real, and its overlaps with Pizzagate gives some pause. In June, an armed man blocked a road to the Hoover Dam in an armored vehicle, leading to a minute standoff. After his arrest, the man wrote letters to Trump and others citing the QAnon conspiracy theory. Elsewhere in Arizona, another QAnon follower was arrested after illegally occupying a tower at a Cemex plant he was convinced was a hub for a sex slave ring.

And QAnon has apparently targeted at least one Trump opponent.

Michael Avenatti, the outspoken lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, received several QAnon messages and even shared a photo showing a suspicious person hanging around outside his office. We are trying to identify the man in this picture, which was taken outside my office yesterday Sun afternoon. Please contact NewportBeachPD if you have any details or observed him. We will NOT be intimidated into stopping or changing our course.

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While it appears the man has a phone in one hand, it's hard to identify what he has in his other hand. Speaking to The Daily Beast , Avenatti suggested it was a weapon: It's one thing to believe a conspiracy theory, but it's another to act on it like Trump followers have. To make matters worse, the theories have sometimes been fueled by the president's own words. It troubled many; it's one thing for these theories to be discussed on Reddit, but in an opening, public setting by a major candidate for the presidency?

Trump could casually toss them out to the thousands of MAGA-hatted voters who lapped up whatever he said, regurgitating theories wrapped in an adversarial layer of "fake news" to those who dared to question them. Whether it was continuing to propagate the false claim that Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey were seen celebrating the September 11 attacks or straight up retweeting false anti-Muslim rhetoric by far right UK figures, Trump has harnessed and legitimized the racial anxiety of his supporters for his own political gain. Regurgitated theories that Ted Cruz wasn't born in America sound familiar?

Repeatedly suggested climate change is a hoax. Supported the false theory that vaccines are linked to autism in children. Trump also used his own celebrity to bring validity to one of the worst conspiracy theorists alive by appearing on Alex Jones' Info Wars show in December Simply by being a guest, Trump gave Jones an even bigger platform and implicitly condoned Jones' behavior for a wider audience. But Trump didn't stop there.

Jones , who's being sued for his Sandy Hook conspiracy , also played a role in the spread of the aforementioned Pizzagate conspiracy and has, among other things, suggested that Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show was a Satanic ritual. But Trump has done something even more dangerous than promoting the theories of others: Trump favors floating his own conspiracy theories in a suggestive way that gives them veracity but allows him to keep a distance from being a full believer.

He's like your conspiracy-minded friend who throws up his hands and says, "I'm just asking questions, man," except, unlike your friend, Trump has his finger on the big red button. He's like your conspiracy-minded friend who throws up his hands and says, "I'm just asking questions, man. For instance, not long after entering the White House, he started to posit that the voice on the infamous Access Hollywood tape wasn't his, even after he owned up to it and apologized sort of for his comments.

Once he got to the White House, he still had plenty of time to indulge his own fantasies about those he felt had wronged him. The most notorious example are March tweets in which Trump alleged that Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump's campaign. I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election! Trump realDonaldTrump March 4, Is it legal for a sitting President to be "wire tapping" a race for president prior to an election?

Turned down by court earlier. To accuse a predecessor of such a crime was unheard of from a U. Coming across creeps on dating apps is inevitable. The good news is that you do not have to deal with them. The block button is there for a reason. Do not waste your time responding to someone when they show signs of being a jerk. Block them and move on.

My motto when it comes to online pics is to use something where you look good but not TOO good. Your picture should look like you the way you look on a regular day. Let your date be pleasantly surprised by how you look in person. When you finally match with someone, I think there should be a time frame for when you actually meet in person. Dating is time-consuming as it is.

Be cautious about where the first date is held. Do not get into a strangers car. Do not go somewhere unfamiliar with a stranger. NEVER go into a strangers house. I cannot stress this enough. Finding out which category they fit in will take some time. Even if they insist, travel to the date on your own.

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I may sound paranoid but as great as online dating can be, it can also be incredibly scary. You can never be too careful. If you do not feel anything after the first date, move on. Dating is a numbers game. The more people who meet, the more likely you are to meet someone you have a connection with.

10 Tips To Kill It At Online Dating This Year

People can be mean. They can especially be mean online. I think that this is what makes some people meaner online than they would ever be in person. If someone is being mean to you, just block them and move on. Do not get discouraged. Online dating can be exhausting.

You will go on way more bad dates than good dates. Try not to let it get to you.