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Let's be honest, we'd be focused on the relationship's demise if we knew it's outcome and we'd miss out on anything good that could have come from it. Do you find yourself thinking, "What are we?

Are we friends with benefits? This can ensue copious amounts of anxiety that, let's face it, we don't need, but who wants to be the person that demands a clear explanation of what this new found partnership is? The solution is easy! Just stop worrying about.

6 Reasons Why Gray Areas Are Okay When Starting A New Relationship

Live in the now and take each day one step at a time. Sometimes just letting things happen in their own time, instead of quickly trying to define them, works best. Let this new relationship have time to develop before it blooms into something substantial. Jumping the gun and trying to define and establish labels can feel overwhelming and just plain overbearing.

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New relationships can bring on a sense of pressure. Forcing someone who's not ready to define a label can add another layer of pressure they aren't prepared for. Sometimes keeping things casual is easier until you know each other better. Chances are you're still trying to figure yourself out. Maybe you've just completed your Master's degree and you're submitting tons of job applications by day and waiting tables by night.

You're not sure where you'll be living within the next year, and you haven't even decided if you want to share your space with a cat yet, let alone creating another set of keys for your partner.

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Trying to figure out your life is a struggle. Throwing another person into the mix can be a recipe for disaster. To know what you want and how you want it is the process by which you create connection and authenticity.

People want different things at different times in their lives. Knowing what you want is the only way to know if what you now have, is what you really want. Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers.

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The “Weird Zone” Of Dating

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The best way to tell people about your breakup, according to experts Insider interview January 15th, Start At The Top September 8th, All that is happening is you continue to wait hoping progress is being made while your designated suitor may be continuing their antics with others. And if you are the one to nurse someone else for months after they have gotten their heart broken by another person.

8 Signs You’re “Going Nowhere”

You are very likely stuck in the grey zone and need to drop that other person because even though everyone needs their alone time Or in a worse case scenario they would rather spend time with someone else they barely know than chill with you. See if you can get to the next level whatever it may be. Maybe moving in together, meeting each other on a certain day for long distance folks , planning vacations together or maybe just simply officially becoming a couple.