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As we progress through these three sections, the construction of the guitars will get further and further away from the 's style and will decrease in value. It is important to remember to make up ones own mind about the merits or pitfalls of these changes. A guitar from any one of these sections could easily be perfect for you.

Dating a Les Paul Custom

Also, unofficial production numbers from this era indicate that production increases as we progress. This implies that each succeeding era becomes more common. They are the most sought after of LSLPs by far. They display decidedly 50's construction throughout and offer a great alternative to an older example. When you hear the blanket term " Les Paul" in guitar nerd conversation, it generally refers to this era even though a good bit of these guitars were made in They are covered in the "Current Reissues" section.

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One-piece mahogany neck with two little separate wings to form the holly shaped headstock throughout this category. Center seamed maple top throughout. One-piece mahogany back throughout. Approximately around serial number xxx in early , a sixteenth of an inch laminate of maple appears ABOVE the standard depth 1pc mahogany back.

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It is very difficult to see, but can be observed in the neck pickup cavities of Customs and Standards alike. This is the mysterious "cross-banded layer". In , Gibson released the 20th anniversary Les Paul Custom in a white, black, cherry sunburst and honey sunburst finish at least these four colors were made with "20th Anniversary" engraved on the 15th fret block inlay. By , the new Nashville bridge begins to replace the ABR In , the pancake body was replaced by the traditional solid mahogany body, though the top was still maple, as was the neck.

It was around this time that the current serial number system appears as well. In Gibson began making a number of Customs with maple fingerboards, instead of the typical ebony this was discontinued by the early s. From to 83?

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Gibson made a limited edition of 75 worldwide LP custom in the Silverburst colour with 2 "Tim shaw Burstbuckers". In , the volute is phased out.

In , Gibson closed the Kalamazoo plant, and all production was moved to Nashville. In , Norlin sold Gibson to a group of investors led by Henry Juszkiewicz. The Gibson guitars in from — were specially made on the requirements of the client on what kind of wood on the fret board,types of wood for neck and body, type of hardware and some models were also rounded of deeply on the request for specific number of coil turns in the pickups as well.

Les Paul Custom

Type of logo designs and hard cases were also manufactured on the request of the customer. The first two numbers represent on which number this specific model was built, next two represent the year they were made in and the last numeric value represents the month of formation. The specs remained similar, with the only immediate changes being a TKL-made Custom Shop case black with a crushed red interior and a Certificate of Authenticity, as well as a Gibson Custom decal on the back of the headstock. In , Gibson replaced the ebony fingerboard on the production Custom with a solid paper-phenolic resin composite material.

The Custom model differs from the Les Paul Standard in many ways. The cosmetic differences include gold hardware though silverburst Customs have chrome hardware ; block inlays on the fretboard rather than the trapezoid inlays of the Standard with an inlay at the 1st fret, whereas the Standard has none ; a "split-diamond" pearl inlay on the headstock; and multi-ply binding around the body and headstock the neck retains single-ply binding. The construction differences are a physically larger headstock; an ebony, maple or richlite fretboard, both of which tend to sound "snappier" acoustically than the rosewood fingerboard found on the Les Paul Standard; lower frets with more squared off tops though lower than the frets on a Standard, today's production Custom does not have "Fretless Wonder" frets and larger round "speed" style knobs though other knob types can be seen depending on the year and model.

Gibson also does limited color runs, such as Pelham Blue, Frost Blue, Kerry Green, transparent colors, metallic colors and sunbursts that are not typically offered on a normal Custom.

Help me find date of my Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Starting in , Gibson began to reintroduce maple fingerboards to the Custom, offering limited runs in the traditional colors, as well as transparent colors with figured tops. In , Gibson did a limited run of reissue Customs both 2 and 3 pickup models with ebony fingerboards. These were the first Customs since to feature ebony fingerboards, and came with white handling gloves, a 20th anniversary toggle switch control cover, a special COA and a Gibson Custom case.

HNGD, I hope it sounds half as good as it looks.

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Epiphone Most regular production models since ca. Many '80s and early '90s serial numbers may follow a similar scheme, but may not include a factory ID code. Never mind, I just read the 1st line from the web page I need pictures so it probably is a Samick built from ' However it is made in China and I have 11 numbers on the back of the headstock.

Anyone have a clue how I can determine the date of manufacture? Thanks for any info at all. Had one just like it for about 5yrs banck in the 90s.

Duane Allman’s 1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Korean, Mine was stamped "2nd" but no obvious flaws. Sold it along with some other stuff to puchase my Gibson Mastertone Banjo. My HC Classified Thread http: Hi Steve, thanks for the info and link. I finally got round to trying to find info on my Epi Les Paul Custom Plus and it says it is not recognized.