Dating a cambodian guy

Many Cambodian girls are not interested in a relationship until she is married.

7 Reasons Why You Should “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook

Dating is new to their vocabulary, and preserving their virginity until they get married plays an important role in the Cambodian culture. For some Cambodians, online dating sites are a tool for finding a mate.

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Dating sites such as badoo, dating. If you are interested in someone, ask them out for coffee. Women can ask men out too. This will take a lot of pressure off your date for he or she will know that there is little chance that there could be some monkey business going on with basically a stranger you are meeting for the first time.


Cambodian women can be very shy and have a lot of fear about meeting. In rural areas, there is a form of bride-service; that is, the young man may take a vow to serve his prospective father-in-law for a period of time.

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The traditional wedding is a long and colourful affair. Formerly it lasted three days, but by the s it more commonly lasted a day and a half. The ceremony begins in the morning at the home of the bride and is directed by the achar. Buddhist priests offer a short sermon and recite prayers of blessing. Parts of the ceremony involve ritual hair cutting and tying cotton threads soaked in holy water around the couple's wrists. The Khmer Rouge divided families and separated the men from the women.

The father, mother, and children frequently were separated for many months. A man and woman often did not have time to consummate a marriage, and sexual relations were limited by long separations. Extramarital relations and even flirtations between young people were heavily punished.

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The legend of Preah Thaong and Neang Neak explains many Khmer wedding customs, in which the groom carries the bride 's scarf, symbolising that he is from afar and is marrying into her family, in contrast to Indian wedding customs where the bride holds the groom's scarf. The bride and groom wear garments decorated with jewellery, and are surrounded by family and guests. The couple's garments are a sign of respect to their parents and parents-in-law, both of whom offer their blessings to the couple. They also pray to the monks for a happy life.

Divorced persons are viewed with some disapproval, and they are not invited to take part in the blessing of a newlywed couple. Some of the common grounds for divorce are incompatibility, prolonged absence without good reason, abandonment by either partner, refusal of the husband to provide for the family, adultery, immoral conduct, and refusal, for more than a year, to permit sexual intercourse.

Each spouse retains whatever property he or she brought into the marriage. Property acquired jointly is divided equally. Divorced persons may remarry, but the woman must wait ten months. Follow my lame Twitter feed: But I thought it might be too egotistical to assume anyone actually cared, so I never posted about it! Forums All times are UTC.

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