Dating musket balls uk

The result will yield a reasonable approximation of the original diameter of the musket ball. Alternatively, you can download the Sivilich Formula calculator in a downloadable Excel file to find the estimated original diameter of a musket ball using its weight. Archaeologists have discovered authentic musket balls that were severely misshapen for a variety of reasons, but typically balls were misshapen from being fired and hitting a target.

Musket Ball and Small Shot Identification: A Guide by Daniel Sivilich. What is Battlefield Archaeology?

Dating musket balls uk

A Guide" and has more than 30 years of field experience in prehistoric and historic archaeology. He is one of the founders of electronic battlefield archaeology and has developed a widely used formula for determining the diameter of a non-spherical musket ball. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

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Items you will need Calipers for round musket balls Gram-weighing scale with at least 0. Tip A gray-colored ball with a blistery surface may be authentic, but it was molded from an alloy of lead and pewter or lead and tin.

The Battle Of Bonnymuir 1820. Survey

In this castle was attacked by Parliamentarian troops. The historical details of the assault are sketchy, but an assemblage of 28 lead shot from a destruction layer excavated within the castle provides us with some clues as to events.

Biting the Bullet: The Archaeology of ‘Musketballs’

It is clear that a small number of the bullets were fired, indicating that there may have been some minor skirmishing. Many of the unfired bullets were from the same type of gun, in this case a musket. It is probable that some of the bullets were made in the same mould. The defenders ammunition was left in place after the garrison had either fled or surrendered. Cork, attacked by Parliamentarian forces in Sites such as these illustrate the value of lead bullet analysis. They were often deposited over just a few minutes or hours, in many cases as part of a famous historic event that we remain aware of today.

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There remains something distinctly personal about these objects. These bullets are objects that deserve our respect; their analysis can unlock details of our violent past that bring us closer to understanding the experience of our ancestors, and allows us to reveal events which were often the defining moment of their lives.

Lead shot assemblage from the attack on Castledonovan Castle, Co. I actually found what I think maybe some lead shot at the Green Fort in Sligo town. From what a gather there was a skirmish at the site during the Williamite war.

Somebody also said that the shot i believed i found were in fact th Century rounded bottle plugs. Any idea how I could verify this? Many of the round bottle plugs are clay or ceramic as opposed to lead- so weight should be a factor, also mould mark and sprue. If you have photos of them that you can send on I would be happy to take a look. Some fired, some unfired and some with obvious teeth marks in them which I was told at the time was designed to produce a dum-dum effect when hitting a target.

I have seen some of the Tulsk assemblage as well, it is a very important one as it is probably late 16th century, and we dont have too many from that period! Very interesting blog thanks. I have recently found what I think to be a musketball just outside Lyme Regis on what I believe to be the route taken by the Duke of Monmouth ending in the Battle of Sedgemoor in I am no expert so I was wondering if I could send you a photo to confirm it is a musketball? They are both sub-spherical, with a slight projection which is likely the remains of the casting sprue, with visible casting seams; each has a vertical ridge which appears to have been trimmed.

They are grey in colour and both have an uneven surface. They both weigh The mass suggests that they were used in a musket. Wednesday 21st January Spatial data recorded. Tuesday 19th August Last updated: The ball is sub-spherical, with a slight projection which is likely the remains of the casting sprue; a vertical ridge implies that this residue was trimmed twice. Awaiting validation Three Post Medieval cast lead alloy musket balls, all generally spherical in shape.

Musket balls?

One has a very smooth surface with a diameter of 18mm and weighs The second is extremely pitted and damaged with a diameter of 19mm and weighs The last musket ball has a smooth surface, with a small hole in the base a long indentation on one side and part of the casting sprue is still visible. It has a diameter of 19mm and weighs Wednesday 28th November Last updated: Monday 10th December Spatial data recorded. This findspot is known as 'Near Chichester', grid reference and parish protected.

Awaiting validation Cast lead alloy musket ball. Generally spherical with slight casting seam. Sunday 28th February Last updated: Thursday 24th February Spatial data recorded. This findspot is known as 'Chichester district', grid reference and parish protected.

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Awaiting validation Small lead alloy shot from a musket or pistol. Generally spherical with slight casting seam and one flattened facet from impact. Awaiting validation Two lead alloy musket balls, diameters Both have casting seems and a flattened side suggesting they have been used. Wednesday 4th March Last updated: This findspot is known as 'Patching', grid reference and parish protected.