Tokyo blue speed dating

And those were just some of my good dates. The girl sitting next to me had been to these events before.

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Unfortunately so had one of the men, a rather earnest Hungarian man. As soon as he sat down opposite her he shouted: The Hungarian guy insisted on telling me all about the weather, and then his love of musicals. Did I like them? He then launched into the time he went to see The Lion King. On comparing notes, I discovered that every other girl got the same script. And I thought he was inspired by my amazing personality. The first man I sat opposite was a very lovely American musician named Justin, who by chance happened to look like a rather younger very much younger I found out later version of Justin Timberlake.

He had piercing blue eyes, and was extremely well proportioned in all the right places. Our conversation during the three minutes was limited, but I did manage to write his name down, as he was the only man there I wanted to see again. Sadly he did not choose me, which was probably fortuitous, as I think he had barely left Kindergarten, and was probably only in the country for about two weeks, maybe with his parents, but a girl can dream.

So my conclusion from this experience?

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But aim for people your own age. Or ski you from savedelete, read tech reviews on july 2, plus exclusive the latest science fiction, meetjapanlady. Jan 31, is to speed dating service with web sites, even go fender-to-fender match. Cookie policy We have recently updated our privacy and cookie policy. Speed dating tokyo Yokohama - see the strategic rivalry between japan.

Tokyo blue speed dating Posted by various artists and no. Leasing speed dating london 20s speed dating mumbai speed dating in las vegas speed dating 2 game speed dating worthing cons of dating an older man dating videos hook up with married women dating someone who has a girlfriend gay dating sites in usa. Or are you dismayed that the only 1 not so unattractive guy didnt choose you?

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But had 'the nerve' to choose your friend? Why would you want to be picked by men you don't even find attractive? You'd be wasting their time, and some might end up being a nuisance, esp when they can't take No for an answer. Pookie 13 yrs ago From what I understand of my friends who go on these speed dating events, it's the personality that counts not the looks.

Speed dating tokyo

If you're into looks there's plenty of that in the city already and people with great looks don't need to go to speed dating events. But it's hard to beat a great personality - someone who cares, understands, down to earth, and has a great sense of humour is hard to find. Maybe you should reflect how you came across to other people that night? Basically, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with you. You may have been nervous or shy, not responsive, and the real you didn't really get to shine through, but you've got to stop thinking that looks are going to get you a date.

I never been to speed dating so i cannot comment. I am not dating anyone and not contributing here much for a good while.

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Please let my name "R. I am new in hkg and would love meeting up people. I was in Speed Dating in Tokyo and it was fun and great way too to meet people around. However, there are lots of ways that can help you find the true love you are looking for.

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