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Most dates were pleasant enough. Indeed, two women became friends. Matchmakers meet clients in person for just a couple hours of their lives, and feedback given after each date does little to alter this reality. Understandably, everyone wants to put their best side forward on paper and in photos; profiles tended to be of little use ahead of dates.

In exclusive dating as in life generally, much comes down to happenstance.

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Far more effective for me have been events where it is possible to meet several people on the same night. The most promising of all have been activities that I enjoy doing anyway, which include literary events, yoga and travel the Weekend FT is crammed full of suggestions for such activities, should you ever be stuck for candidates. Online dating services such as Match. It makes conversation easier as you immediately have something in common with your fellow attendees. Traditional matchmakers are entering the space as well. One distinctive newcomer in London is The Sloane Arranger, catering to a set that founder Lara Asprey defines as much by shared values as by type of education or physical appearance.

Other newcomers in the traditional matchmaking space have also sought to offer more flexible fees arrangements. The Picnic Project is a bespoke agency set up by Suze Cook, a former marketing manager at Microsoft, who spotted ways to improve the dating process while she was single. If we took a fee from every person who contacted us, then we would probably be retired by now.

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For everybody else, my advice would be to consider your alternatives. And keep your sense of humour. Get alerts on Personal Finance when a new story is published. Choose your FT trial. Personal Finance Add to myFT. Daniel Pembrey March 11, Listen to this article Play audio for this article Pause Cookies on FT Sites We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used.

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Close Financial Times International Edition. Search the FT Search. World Show more World links. US Show more US links. Companies Show more Companies links. All I had asked was where he worked and how long he had been divorced. I was planning to get out before I had to pay any more money. She was offered another introduction, this time to an IT worker called Terry, who was in his 50s and from Pinner.

They met at Sloane Square, in Chelsea, where Terry emerged from the Underground station wearing an anorak and carrying a rucksack. He was hardly the City slicker Elect were promising. He was such a nice guy, a really decent bloke, but it was a total mismatch. I prefer St Tropez. But there was worse to come. They had taken its members on to their books. It meant that I was being sent to meet people who were a million miles from what I had been promised.

Personal Dating Service: What you need to know before you start.

Many women are turning to one of the new breed of 'boutique' dating clubs, promising a bespoke service for busy high-flyers. Ms Fontaine, who was awarded an MBE in for her charitable work, is now being chased by a debt-collection agency for outstanding fees. If you are 25 you can have two dates a week ,but when you are in your 40s with specific requirements it is more difficult.

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  5. She insisted that Terry was vetted by an Elect agent after they bought the dating agency he belonged to. Asked whether she accepted that while he may have paid another less upmarket agency a fee, that was not the same thing as having paid to join Elect, Ms Guennifa said: She refused to say how many men Elect had on their books but added: This seemed a bit harsh. It can be quite hit- and-miss. On what did they base this? But Ms Guennifa admitted that these are not branches as such, but franchises, sold to ambitious young entrepreneurs who want to set up an agency in their local area under the Elect brand.

    I also asked about NLP and if Elect consultants really used this technique when they attempted to match-make. When I rang the LSE, they said they had never heard of such a course. Watchdogs say the problem of highly priced matchmaking firms promising big then not delivering is escalating as the industry expands to meet demand from a growing number of affluent single women.

    One industry insider said: You need a lot of members on your books and clearly some of these firms simply do not have the numbers. The Government is currently looking at ways to regulate matchmaking, with a possible clampdown on automatic subscription re-billing. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

    Thursday, Jan 17th 5-Day Forecast. The 'boutique' dating agency promised I'd meet eligible high-flyers All I got was an IT worker in an anorak called Terry! I hardly need to give examples, because the responses by Attractive Professionals and Yours Sincerely Dating Limited on this site speak for themselves.

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    That is a recurring theme you will see from all the complaints about Attractive Professionals and Yours Sincerely Dating Ltd on this site. Lorraine Marlow's view of my dissatisfaction was that I couldn't face rejection. Whereas my view was that they, as the experts, should have been able to tell from my profile if they had men on their books who would be interested.

    A pool of four men in my age group does not give anyone a reasonable chance!

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    5. Attractive Professionals and Yours Sincerely Dating Limited will always talk about it only taking 'One ' special person, but what they don't say is that is basically because they have very few to offer. We all know that you don't have as much chance of finding that special one if you only have four to choose from! Don't waste your money! There is lots of talk about Margot having 30 years in the business and being an expert, but that is either Margot, her own daughter Lorraine Marlow or her granddaughter blowing Margot's own trumpet.

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      If she has those skills she certainly did not use them for me. All she did was send through the four men on her books in the relevant age group. She didn't ask why I rejected someone, so as to learn what I was looking for and she didn't know the men either. What it doesn't tell you is the interview is on the telephone and as for ID, no identity documents are ever requested, viewed or submitted.

      What they actually claim to do as stated by Lorraine Marlow in emails to me is to believe whatever name, address and date of birth is given to them on the phone which, let's face it could be anyone, using anyone else's details and then input them into an online checking service. What they don't accept is that 1 they don't actually know who they were talking to on the phone and 2 all the online service does is check the voting register. So, unlike the suggestion on their website, this process is neither safe nor reliable.

      Identity fraud is everywhere, as we know from the media and our own experiences and dating is an especially vulnerable area, so please watch out! I was never told that they had stopped using consultants. I thought it was too good to miss and went for it after again checking they had enough men on their books little did I know that they considered four men enough - because 'it only takes one', as they say. But when Lorraine Marlow filed her defence in court she stated that I paid less than the usual price so what did I expect?

      I settled out of court for a payout.