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Any requested upgrades or changes to the stated holiday prize will be at the winner's own expense. Competition is open to Irish residents only. Entrants and the accompanying passenger must be aged 18 years or older.

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Prize will only be issued to the winner and both passengers must travel together. Prizes must not be sold or auctioned.

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No date changes will be accepted after the booking has been made. Initial Names given as prize-winners cannot be changed, names must be furnished as per passport. Any additional changes or charges as a result of name changes after the prize has been booked will be the sole responsibility of the prize winner. Prize money is payable to the prize winner only and will be presented as a Euro cheque with value equivalent to South African Rand. Income taxes if any paid on the value of this prize, or any other applicable surcharges, shall be the responsibility of the winner, parent or legal guardian.

Visa fees apply for EU passport holders and winner must pay these fees themselves. Pictures, video and more.

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