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However, fake dating Justin Bieber is harder than it looks. Especially when he's got a real girlfriend in which the public thinks it's over between them when it's really not. All Victoria can do is fake her love Aubree Evans an upcoming actress of the century and Justin Bieber the biggest pop star ever, Both of their managers think it's a good idea for Aubree and Justin to date for Aubree's publicity and since Jelena broke up, Justin's bad image has been hovering over him, will they succeed of m When people are tired of Justin being single, his management assigns him to a 'girlfriend'.

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He knows its fake, she knows its fake, management knows its fake, but everybody else thinks it's just somebody to love. The look he was giving me said it all, but he asked me anyways. I just stared at his outline in the night, us being the only ones on the side walk since everyone else was already inside. Her rise to fame has only been for a short while so far, but everyone's besotted with her.

Even her fake boyfriend, Justin Bieber. What happens when her mother s Dani, just a typical young girl from Canada and Justin Drew Bieber, teen heart throb with a bad image. The fame, the pressure, the publicity, it's all getting too much for him to handle. Was this his breaking point? Will anybody be able to help him? All Victoria can do is fake her love The look he was giving me said it all, but he asked me anyways. I just stared at his outline in the night, us being the only ones on the side walk since everyone else was already inside. Rachel Anderson, a famous singer it forced to fake date thee Justin Drew Bieber who she obviously thinks Justin is a jerk.

He's been changing a lot since he started hanging out with people like Lil Twitst and Lil Za. Justin forgets about his old friends and the fame is getting to his head.

Alliah and Justin are two 18 year old teenagers. Justin is a famous singer, he gets all the girls, he gets all the money. He thinks he's God's gift. He loves himself, he doesn't care about anybody else. Alliah, however, loves her family. Her dad is a rich businessman and they have a lot I've fallen for you, Mercy.

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It's your turn to catch me. When people believe that Justin Bieber is dating Chelsea Allen, a member of an Irish girl group sweeping the nation, management arranges for them to become one of world's "hottest couples". Will their fake relationship become real? So are you doing anythin' tonight? I heard some footsteps behind me which didn't seem to be getting closer. I turned around to see Chad quietly hiding behind the wall.

I quickly formed a plan in my head. I quickly turned back to Grant to see him looking at me strangely. How about you get yourself a date and we will go on a double date. You and your date and me with my boyfriend. I heard a quiet growl from Grant before he said, "Fine. I now had to get him to agree to be my fake date once again. Seeing he wasn't behind the wall where he was previously, I rushed to his dressing room. I barged into the room, not caring if I interrupted something.

Spinning round on his chair, he turned to face me. Why not a real date? But we could go on a real date but tell everyone its fake. So, what colour are you wearing? We never colour code. Okay I'll be wearing the outfit I wore when we went there for our last fake date. Well I better go and get ready. Pick me up at my dressing room at 5. I was wearing her new white sundress with brown gladiator sandals.

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  • I teamed it with simple brown bracelets and a flower headband. My golden brown hair was kept down in long loose curls. I then grabbed her mascara, blusher and lip gloss. After applying them to my face, I placed them back on her desk. Noticing my phone on my desk, I shoved it in one of the pockets in my dress knowing I'd need it. It was now 4: Kissing his cheek, I answered, "Thank you.

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    • So shall we go. Chad entwined his fingers with mine before making our way in to find Grant and his date. Not seeing Grant anywhere, I walked to an unoccupied table where Chad sat down, pulling me onto his lap. Nuzzling into my neck, Chad whispered "When will they be here? I then waved Grant over to the table whilst telling Chad that he was here.

      He lifted his head from my neck and watched Grant make his way to our table. I raised my eyebrow at Grant before replying, "What is that supposed to mean. I can actually get a boyfriend if I want, you know. I gently slapped Chad on his arm before changing the conversation. Her head whipped towards me as she realised I was talking to her.

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      It's nice to meet you properly Sonny. What a beautiful name. It's nice to meet you to Nicola. This is my boyfriend, Chad. Nicola then gained more confident as she spoke again. Mackenzie from 'Mackenzie Falls'. I must say, you guys look cute together. We talked for quite a bit when then waitress came over to collect our order.