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Along with their practical knowledge, the brothers brought Meston a rough sketch of two half-circle arches drawn by Richard. The idea of an arch had struck Richard as a memorable shape to make their stand more visible.

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After considering one arch parallel to the front of the building, he had sketched two half-circles on either side of the stand. His design also included a third, smaller arch sign at the roadside with a pudgy character in a chef's hat, known as Speedee, striding across the top, trimmed in animated neon. According to architectural historian Alan Hess , "Meston and Fish turned the crude half-circle suggested by Richard McDonald's sketch into a tapered, sophisticated parabola, with tense, springing lines conveying movement and energy. Richard McDonald and George Dexter, the sign contractor who fabricated the first arches, recalled that Dexter came up with the idea and added them to the plans.

Charles Fish, who did the working drawings and aided Meston in the design, attributes the idea to his familiarity with the form from a school project in which he used structural parabolas for a hangar. The form was one of many advanced engineering solutions, including folded plate roofs, that were in common currency. The first franchised outlet bearing Meston's design opened in May in Phoenix, Arizona. Subsequent franchisees of the McDonald brothers were also required to use Meston's design, although Meston adapted the plans for each to the conditions and building codes of each site.

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In , seeking to upgrade its image, the company sought a new logo. Fred Turner sketched a stylized "V", but the company's head of engineering and design, Jim Schindler, extended the "V" into an "M" resembling a McDonald's store viewed from an angle, with a red isosceles trapezoid "roof" serving as background for lettering.

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While McDonald's dropped the physical arches from nearly all of its restaurants in the s [ citation needed ] , the Golden Arches have remained in the logo, and as a commonly understood term for the company. This was partially due to Louis Cheskin 's argument that the arches, which he likened to "mother McDonald's breasts", had "Freudian applications to the subconscious mind of the consumer and were great assets in marketing McDonald's food.

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Alan Hess summarized the arch's origin in Googie architecture and ultimate significance as follows:. The arch was conceived by businessman Richard McDonald, an untrained designer with no knowledge of erudite architectural examples. His intent was pragmatic: This determined its scale, position, and simple shape visible over long distances following the precedent of earlier drive-ins with which he was familiar.

To McDonald, the arch was an arbitrary form, without symbolic or historic associations, which he hoped would come to symbolize McDonald's. The arches' position implies no traditional use of the arch as an entry, nor are they structural. The architect delineated this formal concept determined by the client in the energetic lines and machine-like surfaces of a popular commercial vernacular style current in the s and s Meston's design proved successful as design and icon because of, not in spite of, its commercialism.

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The term "Golden Arches" is sometimes used as metonym , symbolizing capitalism or globalization in phrases such as the " Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention ", since McDonald's is one of the more prominent American corporations that have become global in their reach along with Coca-Cola and Nike. The McDonald's arches in Sedona, Arizona were made turquoise when the yellow color had been deemed by government officials to be contrasting too much against the scenic red rock. Fitness program romantic date ideas phoenix gang members through engaging activities,.

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