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Shots vs. Set Ups

If you don't want a reminder, choose None. If you want the event to be private, choose the padlock icon. This will ensure that no one sharing your calendar will be able to see any of the event details.

How to setup schedule and away mode of TP-Link Smart Plug/Switch in Kasa APP

On a phone or tablet, you'll need to click the three dots at the bottom of the page to access some of these options. To turn an event into a meeting, you just need to invite others. Type an email address in the Invite someone box. You can add multiple people to the meeting.

Light Plot

On a phone or tablet, choose People at the top of the screen to invite others to your meeting. When you're done, choose Save and close for an event or Send for a meeting.

For a meeting request, choosing Send will save the meeting on your calendar and send an invite to each person you've added to the meeting. From your new event or meeting request, choose Repeat on the toolbar. Your customized worksheet becomes available for selection in the Choose Schedule dialog box. For information about exporting resources, see Exporting Custom Resources. List the objects with the relevant record, such as the Existing Tree record, and then select the desired columns to include in the report.

You can create calendars to keep track of different types of events. For example, you could create a calendar called "Soccer" that tracks upcoming practices and games. You can only create new calendars from a browser, and not from the Google Calendar app.

Creating Schedules Automatically

Once the calendar is created, you'll see it on your browser and in the app. Help Center Community Calendar. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback. Create a new calendar You can create calendars to keep track of different types of events.

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