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Need solid hookup on smog check for supra friend here

Yes once it's exempt I'll pull every piece of smog crap off my and toss it in a box, but to be honest it doesn't do much emissions control with it on anyway. It just gives the car idling problems and crappier milage most of the time and I'm sick of it.

My '73 sans smog shit of any sort runs so much better. My dad used some exhaust system cleaner I think thats what it was, I'll ask him when he gets home to get our station wagon to pass. Originally posted by Dietz: That's what I did My '80 Chevy Impala wagon passes with flying colors every time. I don't ever have to do anything to it for it to pass.

I was so glad when they exempted pre '74 cars. Getting my bug to pass smog was not only an expensive pain in the ass, but putting the smog equipment back on and setting it up so the car doesn't run like warmed over cow patties took all day. It supplies the air for the heater, IOW. I think there may be some sort of crack leading to my exhaust for my ranger It is loud, but not a missing muffler load.

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Buying a '73 or below is great, I run mine with non-street-legal tripple carbs and in theory it runs cleaner than a fuel-injected '76 with smog equipment of the same year. Or so I'm told.

Smog Exempt

My parent's old motorhome had a cracked manifold and it was loud as hell Not to mention they had glasspacks put on it for the better fuel economy Commenting on the airhoses thing I had a random vacuum hose loose in my '84 Bronco that I would just connect to the starter solenoid. As long as it was connected to something they didn't care.

Let me tell the story. Where I come from before this Northampton thing was to get an old car. Or you could live out in the sticks like my older brother Wendover, NV and not have to worry about smog at all. Originally posted by Mojo-jojo: I drive a Honda.

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I laugh in the face of the smog test. Anyone know where to get a smog check done in the SF Bay Area? I had one shop in San Mateo that didn't care about the visual inspection, but I've since lost the name it was over a year ago Your car probably makes MORE power with a catalytic convertor installed than it does with a straight pipe.

Heck most imports seem to. Now that's a thought OOOO that pisses me off to no end.

Need a smog hookup in OC

I've seen Mustangs in magazines making in upwards of HP with superchargers and fancy intakes and heads, that will pass emissions with flying colors. Sorry, just had to vent. How to cheat on the smog test? Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.

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Originally Posted by leetEVO. Originally Posted by RobDizzle.

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But there ARE shops that will run altered smog tests for the right amount of change There are people on this site, and many others, that know people who know people that can "get it done". Your problem is the same as someone getting on here and looking to get hooked up for a gram of meth and asking for a contact. Unfortunately for you, you need a smog test NOW. Just like the dope dealer, you need to build trust and get accepted in the community before anyone is gonna spill on their connection.

Do cops ever look on this site? Would one of them maybe look into your "situation?