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Voltage testers are also useful in troubleshooting bad grounds and fence shorts. Be sure to purchase a voltage tester designed specifically for electric fence. Fence testers contain special circuitry which allows the device to withstand and respond to very high voltages which are on for only a few millionths of a second.

Standard voltage meters used for household electrical purposes are not capable of this and will not work with electric fences. In addition, it's important to note that voltage testers designed to read direct current DC-output pulses will not work with alternating current AC-output fence chargers.

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In general most fence testers can be used with both high and low-impedance fence systems. Some designs come with testing probes, while others have the probe built into the main body of the device.

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The simplest models feature a light, which when lit, indicates electrical current is flowing through the fence. However, these simple designs are not adequate for troubleshooting ground or short issues. More complex models known as "fault finders" display voltage in kilovolts kv and amps of current. If you suspect a short in your fence, a " fault finder " fence tester with a display showing voltage kv and current readings amps , as well as arrows pointing in the direction of the fault, is the best tool to locate the problem.

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Shorts are caused by a number of things such as broken wires touching the ground, weeds, and cracked insulators. All of these will cause the wire to short out and ground. Underground wires going under gates which were not protected properly can also cause electric fences to ground out.

How to Install Your Electric Fence Charger

Insert your post as you did the fence posts and give it time to set. Mount the solar charging unit on top of this. Do this by digging a small, shallow trench by the post and inserting the correct number of ground rods for your fence.

Attach the negative lead from the solar charger to the grounds rods and the positive lead to the wire of the fence. Give it this amount of time and then switch the solar electric fence on. You will need to test it regularly with an electric fence tester to make sure the voltage is correct.

How to Install a Solar Electric Fence

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