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Peter I can only suggest you to read this article: Joseph, what practical solution do you have? Marry out of desperation? Marry to satisfy your sexual appetite? He would be better off getting a love doll than to obsess about sex or to marry someone incompatible. Jehovah ,does not appear to be a loving god to scare you into obeying.

I was stunned when I read his response. It was like a car accident, I could not turn away. Your advice is in line with Jehovah. To engage in self gratification will just intensify your desires.

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Shhhhhhhh…now… I am gone, Never to return. Much love to all. You offer no practical solution to help this brother other than try to project guilt or shame upon me from your limited understanding. Is that what you call a god of love?

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Would you tell your child or your wife to fear you if they did not agree with you? Having a healthy fear of not pleasing a parent is what you want your children to have. The same fear we should have of Jehovah. Fear is what drives us to be safe. Not having fear is what gets you in trouble.

Instead of pleasing themselves in a healthy way. Your 36 yearso old n looking for a possible 10 to 39 year gap??? Are you kidding me? Your looking at 16 year old children? Look for someone your own age. This is what the new world is for…went would you want to bring children into this disgusting works world now at this time.

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I would never encourage anybody to marry based on sexual frustation or the need for sexual release. Yet what I find weird? Are people like you worrying about it? I mean why does he care what they believe? Hey what about Catholics believing in purgortory?? Hell half the priest are child preditors!!! Lol lol maybe ken should get a web site on catholic priest!!! Why get one on the only relgion that tries to follow the bible and did they do something to kent to hurt his poor little baby feelings??

Cindy Cagle, why do you mention Mark? My brothers and sisters let no one deceive you.

It is not a sin to log into this website and talk to different people and languages throughout the world but you must be cautious and wise due to the unbelievers who also log into this website and claim to be your witnesses. It is only a sin if you fail to marry in the lord. If you say that logging into this website is a sin please may you show me in the Bible? Depending upon which congregation you attend they may call it bad association. Do you remember what they say about bad associations spoiling useful habits?

I believe, but no longer associate with Jehovahs witnesses. Too judgmental for my tastes. I have noticed there are so many difficulties for real witnesses to find a date either in their country or in the net n live happily in this passing world…According to the only truth in words which is the holy bible given by god JEHOVAH the grand creator to humans marrying to someone is not a sin also not marrying is neither a sin..

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But to honour god according to his rules n regulations stated in book of corinthians marriages should be celebtated only between parties of a same belief that is brother and sister should accept JEHOVAH as their god.. So anytime any problems arise they would check together in the bible what their creator recommends and finally peace is maintained and the couple goes on and live their lives happily…IN the net its difficult to know who is really an active JW so beloved brothers n sisters be veryveryvery careful when giving anybody informations about yourself,,,forget some brothers n sisters have already been trapped..

I have got an issue of how JW dating can become easy and free in a genuine style,,i will post it somewhere for active JW only,,,. If the internet is so dangerous then the organization would not use it. The environment is not conducive for even attracting or meeting a compatible mate, which is a shame, however understandable…. Before you meet a perfect woman, if you want to meet your sexual needs, you can consider the selective tpe love doll. Visit this site to see what these gorgeous silicone love dolls look like: Actual I know people who have met on dating sites and are open about it so the concept that one must hide is a thing of the past.

The faithful slave does not speak highly of social media in general, dating sites, university among other things does that mean everyone who has a Facebook account or has gone to college is not exemplary? At least 8 brothers in my hall who are active have beards. Some individuals need to be on the sites so they can widen out meet others and abolish some of the narrow minded judgemental views that they have. While I agree some persons on these sites are inactive disfellowshipped etc and one must be cautious that is not the case with a good percentage believe it or not. Your typically already marked or judged as spiritually weak as determined by their own limited opinion.

We have a wide variety of dolls and you can choose what you fancy by age, height and gender. We strive to ensure that all our shoppers are perfectly satisfied with our dolls and products. The less expensive ones in the item cost reach. They are swelled just for joy and they are the most well known love dolls and could be found in assortment of shops. They take after the same outlines as mannequin and have legitimately formed feet and hands, glass eyes, and for the most part wigs too.

Some of them contain water filled bottom and bosoms, despite the fact that it is at top end of the value band. They can be redid with a scope of garments, wigs and make up individual to your taste. Not all of us are interested in visiting dating sites, but we are gradually rurnning out of options. Tes, I did not realize this was a problem for the sisters or ladies.

Would relocating to a bigger congregation work? Would relocating to a bigger city with more congregations be practical? Skip to content [Original publication date: However, it seems some are a bit irritated by all the questions, like this girl: Here is an update to the above story: Partners in the Truth Share this: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Print.

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Lady Love, I appreciate your loving attitude, please keep it. Your judgmental attitude is a complete turn-off, listen to Lady Loves suggestion. Visit this site to see what these gorgeous love dolls look like: Sou uma pessoa que gosta de andar ao ar livre, que gosta de estar na companhia de pessoas honestas e de fazer Soy un hombre alegre, trabajador, espiritual y amoroso. I would describe myself as an open-minded, extrovert person always trying to keep a positive spirit. Thank you so much for this wonderful site I found my perfect match and we are getting married.

Jehovah has truly blessed me with this so thank you for this great way I've found her. My new husband and I met on this site and officially got married in December. All our best to everyone looking for their match! This website changed my life! I can't say thank you enough! Log in to your account Username or Email Address: Connections First Impressions The quickest way to connect with others. Matches Find out who you match with. Profile Views See who's viewed your profile and whose profiles you've viewed. Favourites View the members you have favourited.